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  1. I have never had any issues with my Super V having cycling issues. I've shot 3.5" Black Clouds and Winchesters, 3" Winchesters, and 11/8 oz Remington 6 shot(dove loads). I know that when I spoke with Benelli before I purchased it we talked about the lighter loads and make sure that the drams of poweder were between 3 and 3 1/4.
  2. No sir. If the dealer won't help you I would call Benelli. I bought mine last year and it's a fine shotgun to shoot. FYI and I'm sure toy know this, but cycle a box of 3" shells through it first before shooting the lighter loads. Enjoy.
  3. My shotguns are all black on black. The ducks don't care what color your shotgun is. Save that money and buy some good waders and coat.
  4. I've never had that happen, I would call Benelli.
  5. I usde a Vinci for the lighter loads, it will cycle them fine.
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