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    welcome i'm the sponsor of Hunting in Egypt and the Owner Of Egypt Wing-shooting and the Owner of Maayouf Hunting Lodge , i invite All hunting enthusiast To visit us and enjoy Hunting in Egypt
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    Owner of Egypt wing-shooting , Owner of Maayouf Hunting lodge
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    Alaa Maayouf
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    Egypt Wing-shooting
  1. its very Nice Duck Season here in Egypt Especially with our first American Clients for this Season [ATTACH=CONFIG]2333[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2334[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2332[/ATTACH] all Details About hunting in Egypt contact us email : [email protected] Phon : ( 002 ) 011-173-46-471
  2. its very Nice Duck Season here in Egypt Especially with our first American Clients for this Season [ATTACH=CONFIG]2333[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2334[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2332[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2335[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2336[/ATTACH] all Details About hunting in Egypt contact us email : [email protected] Phon : ( 002 ) 011-173-46-471
  3. Benelli and Dove Hunting in Egypt All year round dove hunting available in Egypt , 300 / 500 doves Per Hunter A day its very interesting for our Clients but it was big problem to us before we got Benelli , other hunting shotguns disrupted during hunting Does not continues for more than 9 months or a year And then forced to be replaced , In 1995 we bought the first Benelli shotgun it was Benelli Black Eagle [ATTACH=CONFIG]2168[/ATTACH] you will surprise when i will say that its still work well until Now it shoot 900 Cartridges a day with Maltese and Kuwait Hunters at February 1996 we changed all our hunting shotguns to benelli Now and after we got the Newest Edition Of Benelli Arms we have the Ability to invite all hunters & Wingshooters to visit us and Enjoy what we offer of Game species this is link to our website check out http://www.egyptwingshooting.blogspot.com this is Link to our faceBook page check out : https://www.facebook.com/Maayoufhunting Twitter https://twitter.com/AlaaMaayouf Cheers For All Benelli Owners Alaa Maayouf Sponsor Of Hunting in Egypt Owner Of Egypt Wing-shooting Owner of Maayouf Hunting Lodge
  4. Benelli Risorgimento 150 Please Give us your Opinion about it [ATTACH=CONFIG]2167[/ATTACH] Alaa Maayouf Sponsor Of Hunting in Egypt Owner of Egypt Wing-shooting Owner Of (Maayouf Hunting Trip )
  5. Duck Hunting in Egypt we are pleased to tell all Hunting enthusiast around the world that Duck Hunting season will open soon in Egypt at 1 November 2012 we started Accepting reservations for Duck season 18 Days ago our services we provide you with all Hunting Equipment During your trip in Egypt Hunting Arms Benelli Auto the Newest Editions Cartridges always italy like R.c , B&P , Mirage etc..... other Gears Boats , Decoys , Waders , Duck Calls in Addition to professional Hunting Guides 4 star Accommodation transporting 4x4 jeep safari or Deluxe Cars for Groups ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Duck & Dove Hunting trip Duration ; 4 Nights / 5 Days Cost 1650$ per Hunter includes Hunting Licenses and permissions Auto Hunting shotgun always Benelli , Beretta or Browning Every Day 100Cartridges per Day Boats , Decoys , Waders , Duck calls Hunting Guides 4 star Accommodation & Meals Transporting During all your trip itinerary Day 1: Cairo Meet & Assist at the airport, then transfer to the hotel. Day 2: fayoum full day hunting Day 3: fayoum full day hunting Day 4: fayoum full day hunting Day 5 : after breakfast transfer to Cairo airport you trip over price Not includes; Plane ticket Additional Cartridges more than those listed Visa costs Border Taxes Drinks, tips, laundry and other items of a personal nature for More Details Contact us e-mail; [email protected] to Book your trip e-mail; [email protected] phone; 00201117346471 Alaa Maayouf Sponsor of Hunting in Egypt and Manager of Egypt wingshooting (MHT) MAAYOUF HUNTING TRIP
  6. what do you think of this video ? duck hunting season in Egypt 2010 this video for you Mr cleefurd
  7. thank you too really iam very happy to be member in this great fourm
  8. Hello all I am the main organizer and sponsor of the Hunting trips to Egypt At our Hunting Agent in Egypt we provide our clients whose come to Enjoy Hunting in Egypt with all Hunting Equipment during there trip in Egypt and we were use various kinds of Hunting shotguns No need to mention And we had many problems with it at 1992 when the Government allow Hunters to bring their shotguns and cartridges , one Group from Italy were with me and I saw different type of shotguns Capable of bearing various Heavy caliber And various lengths of Cartridges And thousands of Shots when I asked them about it they said its Benelli then we We decide to change all our shotguns to Benelli we changed it to edition which were available here in Egypt at 2006 we changed again to Benelli Raffallo deluxe and Benelli mania and at 2011 we changed all our 22 shotgun to Benelli Dynmic Really Benelli is best hunting & shooting shotgun have ever use
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