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  1. Go with a 20Ga Benelli Montofelto26" barrell. I own several Benelli shotguns-SBE, SBE2, Montofelto ect & I have lease problems & fastest cycle rate with the Montofelto. Super grouse & quail gun!
  2. I killed many more ducks with my trusty SBE than with the SBE2 that I own. i would not spend extra for waterfowl as ole black does just as well.I would spend some of that savings on a Sure Cycle system as it DOES make a difference in cycling & reliability in a wet duck blind!!
  3. Could somebody weigh in on the necessity or benefits of 1.-Having action & internal parts polished/deburred & 2.-Having forcing cone lengthened & polished on SBE & SBE2. Also what is best length-2" or 3"? Thank you very much!-Tommy2shot
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