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  1. Last night after i got home from hunting I took the gun down and while playing with the trigger assembly i noticed the little black lever for i assume the shell release was catching up on the plastic of the trigger assembly. I got my file set out and smoothed the lip and the gun now hasn't caught up yet I'll post pictures tomorrow so I can explain better
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2773[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2774[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2772[/ATTACH] -opening day September goose -opening day of pre season -last night of pre season here in NJ All retrieves are with mu upland trained GSP Jag
  3. There are 772 threads in the waterfowl section, when i open the page either on my phone or laptop only three are visible? Is this because I'm a new member or is there something else wrong with my settings or am I just locked out?
  4. Just bought a SBEII and while playing with it last night i noticed that on a random no shell extraction the bolt locks open and doesn't want to close no matter what i do. The only way to get it to close is i have to get my finger and push the tang down and then the bolt snaps shut?
  5. You'll be happy with the Super Nova, I've had mine for four or five years now and have shot hundreds of ducks, geese, quail, and pheasant and never had alone single jam or malfunction. Yes its a little heavy but that's so when you shoot 3 1/2" shells (especially turkey load) it doesn't rip your shoulder off. I have a BlackCloud close range extended choke tube i use for all waterfowl and love it, if not i use the standard Modified choke for waterfowl hunting
  6. honestly? not one answer, thought this site would be better then trying to talking to the lady from Benelli who was no more helpful then the dumb owners manual
  7. a PUMP GUN is a shotgun that you have to pump the old shell out of the receiver and then pump the new shell in. Not being mean but if you cant understand this you might not wanna handle a firearm, just saying......
  8. hi all, i bought my Super Nova about two years ago and ever since i bought it it seems that the receiver is not tall enough above the stock if that makes sense to yous? Im use to shooting a Browning Auto 5 12ga so that big hump back is kind of natural to me. Anyways when i sholder the gun i have to really bury my check into the stock to get my eye in line with the sights?? I was reading the manual and i suppose if i install the C shims on my stock it will raise the receiver higher above the stock correct? And will this JUST raise the receiver or will it effect the way the gun shots? Meaning wi
  9. From my friend - "and yea the manual tells you what the shims are for but other then that they suck. i need someone who knows what the shims drop it at and what ones i need to install so it will make me feel like i fit the gun" I'm hoping he can get his registration straightened out so I don't have to do this for him! Thanks for the reply!
  10. I have a friend (like we haven't heard that line before) who would like to adjust his Super Nova stock by insalling drop shims. Has anyone done this?
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