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  1. Just found the answer. Bit too tight for me. I'm looking for imp cyl/ light mod
  2. Thanks for the reply What are these the equivalent to size wise?
  3. Anyone selling a used one that will post to the UK for my M2?
  4. javars

    Shabby M2 build

    All done. Along with a pair of Taran Tactical trigger group springs. Looking forward to the weekend to try the old girl out.
  5. Thanks. Yeah was kinda hoping someone had an odd one after replacing theirs. I've made one from rubber but it's not exactly the same but it works fine.
  6. Hi. Does anyone have a rubber chevron from a comfortech stock to buy? Need one of the larger ones. Steve (UK)
  7. I use copper grease on threads and sliding parts, put on with a modellers paint brush.
  8. javars

    Shabby M2 build

    Let's hope so eh? 😉
  9. javars

    Shabby M2 build

    No its got more texture than my old SS. 🙂
  10. javars

    Shabby M2 build

    Few pieces arrived at my buddys, just waiting for them to be sent across.
  11. javars

    Shabby M2 build

    Well I thought it was an improvement on faded sticky plastic 🙂
  12. javars

    Shabby M2 build

    Hi. I bought a cosmetically challenged M2 a few weeks ago and am tidying it up. I've had the stock and fore end wrapped in 3m Di-noc carbon fibre and the barrel powder coated. I'm waiting on an order of Briley bits (charging handle, release and safety button, trigger pad and fore end weight along with some TTI springs) I'll post a few more pictures when completed. Steve (UK)
  13. Bit like this. Will need to drill & tap button and fix with a nice counter sunk allen screw
  14. I've got a really nice piece of thick World Superbike carbon fibre ;-)
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