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  1. I am looking for the limited edition Benelli M1014 with the American Flag engraved on the receiver. I have seen the one on Guns America, but, besides the high price, I am really wanting a NIB version. I will consider a mint, complete sample as well. Please let me know if you have any leads. Thank you.
  2. Ha Ha! Thanks M. I've tried to win this M1014 several times but have since learned that the reserve on this used one is much higher than new ones I've missed out on. Thanks though!!
  3. Huge thanks for the Heads Up, Retired. Unfortunately, however, this is an M4 with the collapsible stock of an M1014. I am looking for an actual M1014 with the American Flag engraved on it. Thanks, again, for the Heads Up. The search continues!!!!
  4. Still looking and heard whispers that there are a handful marked "T&E". Would pay a very fair price for one of those!!!
  5. Thanks, Un. I will pay a premium for new in box, but if it is in Mint but fired condition I will buy that too. And, shoot it. Thanks, again! There is one on GB right now but, in my opinion, the reserve is way too high for a fired M1014.
  6. Yes, it's the collector appeal.
  7. No problem. I appreciate the effort.
  8. WHAT?!??? That would be outstanding, Vertigo!!!
  9. Hi Unobtanium. Not necessarily. I'd consider any M1014 if it's in great condition. Ideally, I want to own a collector grade M1014 and a shooter M1014. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  10. Prefer new in box M1014 but will consider mint condition shooters as well. Unique trades available. Thank you.
  11. Is that an offer to sell? Or, are you just bragging?
  12. Very nice. I know one will pop up. It may take time, but it will happen.
  13. UNBELIEVABLE! Am I correct to assume you bought it, Featherman?!?
  14. Did you happen to buy it on GB.com within the last couple of years? If so, I actually recall that one. I also saw one in the 400 range, but I had just bought a Barrett M107 a week or two before and just didn't have the cash to make it happen. Regardless, that's great for you! 20 Mossbergs aren't nearly as cool as 1 M1014!!!
  15. Very nice badkins. I know they are out there so I will keep looking. I collect only original, NIB firearms so am set on getting that. I'll get the last laugh when I do find one and post the pics here. I'm not really sure why my posting upsets "Black", but I do find tough guys behind anonymous keyboards to be entertaining so I'll just keep letting him do his thing - and in doing so let him keep bumping my thread to the top. . .
  16. Ha, ha, ha. Why don't you switch to decaf and stop worrying about what I do or don't do?!? If you don't like my bumps then ignore them. Pretty simple, right? Not everybody views this forum everyday. Hence, I need to bump it. Like I said, if for some reason that's upsetting to you then maybe it's time to look in the mirror and make some changes in your life.
  17. Do you have details? How do you know it was used? Have you approached them about this?
  18. Can't stop, won't stop. Not until a M1014 is hanging in my armory.
  19. I see you out there. You want to sell me your brand new, still in box, M1014. . .Yes, I am resorting to Jedi mind tricks. . .
  20. Yeah, I hear you. I will pay that for the right one, but at $2,700ish I want a very low serial number, new, unfired, original condition m1014. The one that is currently on GB.com has been on there for 6 completed auctions and the highest bid it has ended at was $2,425.00. I am guessing the reserve is in the $2,500 range - much too high for that one, in my opinion.
  21. Thanks for the offer, but I am looking for an all original as it came from the factory.
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