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  1. The piston is stuck inside very tight. I'm certain it will damage the wall camber or bend the rod if the unit is forced out. Both piston rod ends has different beveling. Is this normal? On our our other m4, they appear identical.
  2. http://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/32602-NEW-M4-piston-stuck
  4. The plug has been removed. The piston is stuck and we know why as well. This M4 was purchased from Impact Gun in Utah as "NEW." Upon closer inspection, the H2O m4 has been tampered w/ or returned with rubberize orange loc tite in several locations. The two pistons are not the same and notched alignment marks are off. See photo below. I think we have been duped by ImpactGuns.
  5. Brand new from FFL today and giving a good going over before the range. One of the piston is stuck. The stuck piston/rod appears to be polished as well compared to the other flat NP3 coated of the other rod. Any ideas?
  6. Finally, it's done! Took me about 15mins on my office desk at work. The melting temp of loctite was 253 deg. The tube is very nice!
  7. Omg! U sir just took the fun out of upgrading. Here I thought Kip was just slapping them out with a 3d printer. kidding I had no idea. That is too much work for $200, unless your unemployed.
  8. DIY, it's only about a 15min job, real easy. Melting point oem loctite is 253 deg. You dont need two hands. One hand to hold the gun and one to twist the barrel at 253 deg.
  9. Just installed the ext. tube from socomguy 30mins ago. It is very nice! Took of all 15mins. But i also have an order out for the carriercomp for many months. Hope i get it soon. How difficult can it be just to slap out tubes if you already have the machines and files? I wish my business had this problem. I would be up all night with out sleeping, vacation and SEX just to fill these orders. BTW, the melting point of the OEM loctite is 253 deg.
  10. LOL, I had the same problem, if im reading this right. The trigger assembly will NOT seat properly if you have the the butt stock turned TOO tight. Loosen the stock by one full turn and the trigger will fit nicely. If not, loosen one more turn.
  11. You are right! Should have read the the entire page and don't copy and past....LOL..................................................e Got the extended tube today. It is very nice indeed. Thanks SoComGuy.
  12. LOL, I assume he knew the spelling of his email. Therefore, copy and past and not checking. Received the carriercomp spring and fallower today in the mail but no red button? The site says with safety indicator. Did i miss understood something?
  13. LOL, i have received your Email Joe and replied to. As for spelling, I'm sure it is error free. Copy and past seems to work well for the most part. Has my email been blacklisted?
  14. Sent another email today from: [email protected] Any ideas where its going?
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