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  • Birthday 06/12/1982

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    Former Airborne Ranger from 3RD Battalion 75TH Ranger Regiment in FT Benning GA now gunsmith in training and selling guns for Gander Mountain
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    Guns, NFL, Politics, 2nd amendment
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    Firearms sales at Gander Mountain

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  1. Have a need for a switchblock? I bought one 9 months ago and it has finally came and I don't need it anymore
  2. Hey what's up Steve? so what's the final verdict on WMD? Are you pretty pleased with the quality of your parts and how they ended up? I really want to send the glock and get the NiB treatment?
  3. 75 magnum rounds down the ppipe it was used for target practice it was cleaned after both times I shot it it was stored in a padded locked safe
  4. For some reason they are upside down . But it is all stock but the bolt handle is titanium from carrier comp. I am asking $1400 I can give you more pictures if you want but the gun is flawless and in like new, 100% condition [ATTACH=CONFIG]2182[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2181[/ATTACH]
  5. I would have to agree with the M2. I like it so much that I'm thinking of selling my M4. Anybody want to buy it?
  6. I thought that was part of the stuff you were sending to WMD to get NiB? Did you get those gas pistons and cylinders coated? I have been wanting to myself because they get dirty as **** but I didn't know if that was possible to get them coated
  7. Where did you get that bolt release ? Who made it? I have been looking for one and I really like that one. If anybody else knows, give me a shout
  8. No it was pressed in and the hammer was locked too
  9. Yes the package arrived, thanks the part that was difficult was where the trigger assembly goes in the reciever by the pistol grip. It wouldn't seat all the way.eventully it seat with alot of pressure. I took it apart after I got it back together to see if anything was broken and it all looked fine. But getting the trigger assembly to seat into the reciever was challenging. have you ever had that problem? Is it always going to be that difficult to push it down into place so you can get the hole to line up for the pin? When I took the trigger out the second time and put it back in it was alot quicker once I knew how to do it but it seemed like it took alot of force, I thought that it would just slide into place but it took some pressure to get it to seat
  10. Finally got it2hrs, 95 GD MF'ers and a whole slew of obscenities later Maybe I'm an idiot but that was hard, you really gotta press it down in there
  11. Columbus it's kicking my ass, I'm not gonna lie
  12. Yea its an M4 Thanks ill try , hopefully I won't stroke out in anger
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