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  1. final answer... in the forums search (upper right) put in stid2677. then you will see "gas piston" thread with all pics!
  2. look up benelli R1 forum in search engine and archive should show up. Stid2677 is the guy you should concentrate on and there is a topic "gas piston" 1/3 way down list. Not sure how you can make pictures show up but it would help tremendously as you read.
  3. Not quite sure why this forum is Tombstone over the past two years but you should find the archives on all the threads in this R1 forum... they are out there and I dont remember how I found them before. There are VERY important issues you need to read if it was manufactured prior to 12/13 period. 1.) cleaning the pistons (research immediately for quick onset corrosion avoidance) 2.) loosening the lock nut a 1/4 turn before tight and using loctite to keep tight (strictly for better accuracy) 3.) best ammo tested is fusion 165 grain for accuracy They updated the pistons and a few ot
  4. when did you purchase your R1 and what year do you think it was manufactured. In other words was it made before 2012/13 or after? Was it sitting in your dealers stock prior to 12/13 then you bought it?
  5. Honestly if ATI called and said we lost money on this product and would appreciate if I would be willing to pay $50.00 more after the fact (already received it), I would pay it. The product is worth it as seen and experienced in hand and that is how I operate. I work hard for my money and have no aspirations of entitlement. I really have no gripe just a questionable experience...so allow me to restate " I impatiently waited 8 months for a great product that was delayed repeatedly for 5 months. I now assume the delays were due to ATI not wanting to release an inferior product. There were 2 a
  6. Hey RTI Gunstocks. I have installed the Raven and ran 70 rounds of 4 shot and slugs through my M4. I am very impressed with the feel and the fit. My wife shot 6 rounds and had no problem with the felt recoil. She is 5'02" and weighs 110 lbs. First gun she has ever shot. She is now confident with shooting the M4 and is not anticipating any pain. She was able to shoot (2nd shot) a 1 inch diameter tree top 100 feet away and knock off the top 36" that was obstructing our view of the blue ridge mountains. We will call the tree guys to clean up the rest of the trees but it was impressive to se
  7. don't worry he will respond. Took him 24 hrs to respond to me and had the tube purchased and shipped same day and that was yesterday! Only question is will he make a Nova tube? I know he makes M4 as that is what I have! All the best!
  8. $1699 M4 $382.50 = $450 -15% discount NP3+ (NOT NP3 which is original H2O coating Benelli uses) $150 FL tube (SOCOMguy= aircraft grade aluminum comes with much accolades from past forum members) $299 Raven CS (this is just for the stock not all the other options not necessary-or you can always wait for insanity run to end and order a Benelli factory CS for near that amount) Total= $2530 Sorry I was off by a buck thirty on a real cheap investment! certainly isn't $3500 not counting current bid escalation!! Keep crossing your fingers on receiving your original order and I'll hav
  9. Just make one yourself for under $2400. First buy from local dealer for $1699 (1) send it to robar guns where benelli sent their H2O guns to be plated (NP3) but now they have a better plating NP3+ (2) buy ATI Raven collapsible stock (for 922c compliance) (3) buy FL 7+1 tube from SOCOMguy on this forum, also for 922c compliant (send to robar guns for plating)
  10. Buy an unfinished FL mag tube from SOCOMguy and then send to Robar guns for NP3 plus plating... voila H2O! robarguns.com All the best
  11. dokoliday

    Gas Piston

    Hi Newbee here! Just bought an M4 and R1 then sent them out to Robar guns to add NP3+ to avoid any problems like those mentioned. Robar guns is the company that benelli has used just last year to add NP3 to the M4 H2O limited edition. This is a electroless nickel plating with impregnated PTFE. The new product is called (+) and is 7 times more resistant to corrosion than the original NP3. Every metal part of the guns are exploded apart to the smallest pins, metal stock pipe, pins and trigger assembly... the whole shebang. Any parts that are treated with chrome or anything otherwise is s
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