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  1. This is some great information guys. Thanks for all the advise and feedback.. There are a lot of people here that are extremely knowledgeable. For people to take the time, post pics and give detail is just awesome. You guys rock.!!!
  2. OMG.... Wow. Nice setup. I have a Tipton gun vise.....lol. I have a long way to go.
  3. Thanks SD. I did not see the links to Brownells.
  4. Thanks Pack Rat, good to know. Did you use a slave pin on your install? Where did you find them. I have been looking on-line and can't seem to find them.
  5. I bought a set of punches at Cabelas for like $40 the other day coming back from being out of town. The outside of the box looked like ther were decent but when I got them home and opened them they feel cheap. They are made by Wheeler "hammer and punch set" Don't want to drive back 120 miles to take them back....lol. Can you recommend a place where I can get the right tools for this install? Thanks again for all your advise, I really appreciate it.
  6. Thank you for the advise. I was thinking last night maybe a good idea might be to use masking tape around the area in case I slip? Do you think that would work?
  7. Thanks SD. I did do an extensive search before I posted my thread. I did come across your post but could not open the pics and thought it was something on my end. I have the same issues and problems with exceeding my bandwidth. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks guys. This is the last part I want to put on then I should be good for a while. The last couple of weeks I installed my CC Ti tube I waited 10 months for. Then I ordered a Surefire m80, installed that. Then I finally said the heck with it and bought a Benelli C-Stock, Then a geissele hammer. Then I had to have the Crimson Trace vertical grip MVF-515 with green laser and light. FFT charging handle. I am a little nervous about installing the GG&G bolt release pad, I would hate to scratch something after I just put all this money into the gun. Not sure what I should do???
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a GG&G oversize bolt release install video or pics? I have looked and can not find a video or install pics any where. Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone. I can't wait to get out and shoot.
  11. I Just got my new M4. This is my first shot gun and first non H&K gun I own.... I really want to properly breakin the gun with the right ammo. I called Benelli and the lady told me to use 3" magnum shells and to clean the gun first before shooting. I went looking for ammo and ended up buying Federal power-shok 3" magnum buckshot 15 pellets 1210 fps. Is this good ammo to breakin my new M4? I am not real familiar with shotgun ammo and want to make sure I get the right stuff. Also should I run some slugs through it as well? Thanks for any feedback.
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