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  1. Update: I just got off the phone with Benelli Customer Service (I had to call them, they did not call me). Although the gentleman with whom I spoke was infinitely more knowledgeable about the gun (the first rep I spoke with might as well not have even seen one), he was extremely rude. This is their third strike as far as I'm concerned (first strike- sending out a defective gun, second strike, failing to respond to me in a timely fashion, third strike, being tremendously (not just a little - very) rude.
  2. Anyone (especially from Benelli?) I actually called Benelli USA, talked to their CS representative and sent the pictures. That's been 72 hours ago, and nothing. I think I'm just going to send the gun back. Spending 1700 (ish) on a gun that hasn't even gone through a good QC control seems ridiculous. Unfortunately, this also means that I'm taking the M4 (the next gun on my list) off the wishlist. VERY DISAPPOINTED
  3. I received my brand new Super Vinci yesterday and had a quesiton and a concern. Just to be clear, it is brand new, unfired, and was factory-sealed when I received it. I'll start with the concern 1) The feed ramp as can be seen in the picture is not centered. In fact, it is so off-center that it is literally rubbing against the inside of the "chamber". [ATTACH=CONFIG]2127[/ATTACH] In the photo above, you can see that it is off center, but because of the shadows, you can't quite see that it is actually rubbing against the inside. Here's a photo showing where it is rubbing (just above
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