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  1. Surprisingly, there wasn't. To take the factory tube off I used a heat gun & took a wire brush to the internal threads to make sure it was all clear & free of gunk. That's why I kind of got a little nervous; I thought there was a defect in the threading (not to mention thinking how long it would take to replace it if needed lol) but yes, it's on & works like a champ
  2. I just received mine (finally!) on Saturday, 7/13. The installation was a little tougher than I expected. Halfway through screwing the mag tube into the receiver it came to an abrupt stop, and I thought for sure the threads were messed up. I had to use all my strength to get it set in properly. I did use loctite...but I'd imagine once the tube is in its not going to come loose very easily
  3. I thought I ordered the mag tube on Jan 15th, but it was actually the 14th. Anyhow, I received notification that the tube was shipped on 7/1. Looks like yours should be in the mail any day now (or could already be enroute)
  4. Maybe, but not at the moment. When I contacted CC about the charging handles, I was told they're strictly doing full length mag tubes right now with no guarantee they'd be doing anything else in the near future.
  5. Nice! Thanks for the update & pics. Now I know how the item is being shipped, too. For whatever reason, CC would not tell me how the tube would be shipped (FedEx, UPS, etc). Hopefully I'll be receiving it soon
  6. I placed an order 2 days after yours (Jan 15th), and I'm still waiting. I contacted CC & apparently I'm looking at receiving mine sometime in July or maybe even August. Hopefully we should be receiving them around the same time. Hope this helps!
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