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  1. Finally got ahold of CS and here is what they say I need... Benelli Part# 60850 available from numerous online retailers including Midwayusa.com(cheapest I've found 27.99+s/h), Brownells, etc. Again, this is if you are converting your Supernova (Non-Comfortech) stock to a Comfortech stock. This includes a shim kit, drop change plate, and locking plate. The original Tactical steadygrip PG bolt will work (per CS). I just ordered it and it should be here within a week. I'll post the results.
  2. Reviving an old thread, sorry. Ive been searching for answers for the last week to no avail. Benelli CS seems backlogged as no one has returned my inquiry (I called and waited for 15mins but left a msg as the recording said someone would return my call before the end of day...4 days later, no return call). I have a SN Tactical with a pistol grip stock. I got ahold of a cheap Comfortech stock but it does not come with any mounting hardware. The Tactical came with a simple bolt with a 13mm head that goes through the sling plate and screws into a nut that is threaded into the recoil tube wh
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