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  1. Hey, you are not alone with the MR1. I have an MR1, I bought used. It was damaged in transit to me. I had to fix and install a new rear sight as the previous owner broke the mounting screws and trashed the mounting holes. He then lost the rear sight. I bought a new one and fixed the rifle and installed it. When the chaos dies down I will be getting it to the range and get it sighted in.
  2. They have flat stopped importing anything mr1 to the states period. So Canada is the only shot we have. I'm still not sure I can get mine. Still working to connect to my wife's friend there. Only other option... $300 US is quite a chunk if I have to go thru a Canadian vendor and they will NOT guarantee it will come. So they want non refundable Payment up front. Yipes! Apparently Benelli has screwed them in the past.
  3. Going to have to do it via Canada. Working on a contact there. Hoping he can be my go between.
  4. I feel you Toaster, chances are any swap around on mine would never even be noticed or flagged. Just figured it might not be a bad idea to at least show an effort. However, odds are there would not be enough US parts available to swap around on it, and would just result in poking the sleeping dragon. Hoped maybe someone with some practical knowledge might have already asked...
  5. To update... I am sending the MR1 rear sight assembly back to MGW today or tomorrow after work. I feel this is the best way to help the next guy/gal, as MGW lists them for sale online. I took a closer look at the bag the rear sight came in. There were staple holes on the baggie, but nothing attached. I read on another thread that this was typically how the other aperture was included. Simply stapled to a card or bag. This must be what happened, at some point the 2nd aperture became detached. On a side note... the small aperture I was missing arrived at the house today. The wife w
  6. I also saw this thread and it made me even more curious: http://forum.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/27082-Benelli-MR1-Collapsible-stock-and-the-Supernova-Tactical-Collapsible-stock-mod/page2 Post #13:
  7. So I have seen tons of posting regarding the 922r in regards to the M4. Nothing specific to the MR1. So I'm trying to wrap my head around things to be sure I ask the RIGHT questions in a letter to the ATF. I figured I needed to write a letter for clarification on the foreign parts count for an MR1. I have no clue what parts the ATF are considering in the count on the MR1. Or is the 922r even applicable to the MR1. I'm not sure if there were limits on its importation configuration? The reason for concern... I want to know if I might be able to add the collapsible stock as I am a sh
  8. So I spoke with Benelli usa. They confirmed it came with the large aperture that comes on the M4. I told them I needed the smaller as well. That they had told me originally the replacement sight assembly would come with both apertures. The Benelli tech I spoke with said he would send out the small one to me. This was yesterday. The MR1 guy was not in to confirm the assembly should have come with both. Today I confirmed with them that yes indeed it should have come with both and they said yes. They were not sure what happened that both assemblies were incomplete. On that note... I wi
  9. Oh and I took a few more photos of the damage. I was fully inspecting the MR1 for function. I decided to remove the forend to verify the gas system... praying the damage would not affect function. Seems the damage is strictly cosmetic! WHEW! here are a few more pics:
  10. Actually I was wrong. The rear sight does not share platforms. Presently there are none available in the US. I actually have one at my Benelli dealer and one I got from MGW. Long story, but short of it... Benelli dealer dropped the ball in getting it for me and never communicated with me. I called, was told its not in, then told Benelli shipped wrong part. I called Benelli and they had no replacement to send. Called my Dealer and he said they are too busy with shot show and have not bothered with it. So i kept looking... then one showed up the next day @ Midwest Gun Works, so I or
  11. Well one of my emails panned out! Shout outto Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store. They actually answered my email and told methere's only one supplier in Canada for Benelli parts like that, and it's theimporter to Canada. Stoeger Canada - (1-800-263-1945)and that I would need to contact parts & warranty. Peter at Stoeger was a great help and hopefully I will be able to call tomorrowand work out the details to purchase the part from Kira at Stoeger. For anyonewondering if the parts can cross the Us/Canada line... yes they can. The issueis having the correct permits to do so. As there is a
  12. I got my MR1/Supernova Stock from them! Awesome Shipment time! It got to me FAST! Thank you! I have a question for you guys... any chance you can locate a forend for the MR1. BenelliUSA has discontinued the forend for US distribution. Any chance you have any additional contacts out there that might be able to locate one? I know Canada still sells the MR1. I'm trying to locate a Benelli parts vender in Canada, but no one has returned my emails yet. Worst case I have a friend in Canada that can accept the part delivery if its a deliver to the US issue.
  13. So my rear sight is on the way. I think it shares other platforms, so Benelli USA still has it. However... I still need a forend for my MR1. Long story short mine was destroyed in shipment and the seller screwed me. Box too small with not enough padding, so UPS denied the claim. So I'm stuck fixing it on my own... local smith says gun polymer is not repairable. So maybe someone knows someone who had an MR1 that is INOP and is looking to sell parts off it? Another thought in searching for parts venders... Stores in Canada are still selling New MR1s. So appar
  14. redraif

    MR1 parts

    posting here as a hail mary... Benelli USA is not supporting the MR1 with parts anymore... they had a rear sight in stock for me, but no forend. Mine is damaged. I see Cabela's is still selling new MR1s... do you Canadian guys have a Benelli Canada? I know someone in Canada who can get the part for me, if I can locate it. He is not a gun guy, so I can't ask him to track on down. I need to at least get him a contact. Can anyone steer me to the Benelli part distributors in Canada?
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