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  1. So, there are evidently no interested MR1 users. I just finished another disappointing day at the range with the MR1. I have owned my MR1 since new, it is one of the first 600 made. I take to the range every now and then to try another load. It simply will not consistently group any load which I have tried at better than 2.0MOA. It reminds me of an older Mini14. The bullets just scatter. I have used 55 to 68 grain bullets, W748, Varget, and BL(c)-2 in my attempts.
  2. There are not many of these guns in use. I would like to gather owners/shooters of this gun together in one place for information sharing. Particularly for load data, and parts/accessories. I am wondering if anyone out there has found a particular bullet, factory loaded, or hand loaded that works well in this rifle. Please Share the information about it. Also, wondering if anyone knows if the Benelli Shotgun scope rails have the same radius on their underside, allowing them to be fit to the MR1. I would like to remove my rear sight and put a longer rail in its place. Thank you.
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