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  1. yes that is what they are using to install it...
  2. I thought it looks good also! They say it should reduce the recoil about 15-20% and the barell lift about 30%,,,who knows if it will ,,,I hope it does but like you said,,it ,looks good! Besides,,I really don't mind the recoil on my M4.
  3. A King's Armory muzzle brake on my M4. Any one have experience with one of these?? Thanks
  4. I will give that a try,,thanks...
  5. Hey Guys,just recently purchased my M4 and love it,but wanted to ask if anyone has or knows of a good video showing how to install it,,{the m80} It seems pretty easy to install,but I just can't get it. Thanks,,,,,
  6. Nice thread,,,I'm BRAND NEW to this Forum,,,,and I like it!
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