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  1. I contacted Benelliwerkes via PM and received an almost instant response with ordering info for the M4 manual and a long list of other firearms for which he has manuals. NHn
  2. Have seen several references in older posts to this manual, apparently by benelliwerkes (a forum member?) . After some searching here and other places have not yet turned up a way to purchase. Guidance appreciated. Thanks, NHn
  3. Some additional options: http://handgunpodcast.com/best-under-the-bed-gun-safe Google "underbed shotgun safes" for more
  4. IMHO, you are making too big a deal of this. It is likely to be much easier than you anticipate. After reading the great tutorials here by SD, I did most of the mods discussed here and others with no significant issues. And I am not a gunsmith, nor do I play one on TV. To heat the magazine tube/receiver, I bought a cheap heat gun at Habor Freight for less than $15 (cheaper than many hair dryers and more useful!). No need for Visegrips or vises etc in my case. One guy held the receiver in a towel while I turned the mag tube with gloved hands. If there is a trick, IMO, it is applying moderate heat slowly to avoid overheating. It took a few minutes because we were avoiding rushing the process. I chose to direct most of the heat on the mag tube where it joins the receiver, since the mag tube was "disposable." It is possible that some mag tubes are easier than others to remove, but overall, very doable even for a novice like myself. Go for it!
  5. Every M4 owner has a favorite optic. Here's mine: https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product3.php?pid=RX30A-51 > wide field of view > always on (no batteries) > several variations available depending of preferences of dot size, mount style, etc. > however, not the lightest optic available and a bit bulky (but then so is a shotgun) If you are concerned about the optic getting wet, here is another similar choice (said to be waterproof to 50 meters): https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product1.php?id=SRS I do use the Trijicon RMR on several handguns but prefer the reflex sight for a shotgun, mostly because, for me, it makes target acquisition quicker: no squinting through a small window, easy to acquire dot.
  6. NHnewbie


    The ultimate answer to this frequent question! Should be a sticky.
  7. I have suggested to PMM that they consider offering a complete kit including the adapter plate, a drilled Limbsaver, and mounting hardware. No response yet.
  8. Happy to do the leg work if PMM is willing to take on this project on an acceptable basis. Waiting for more details from PMM.
  9. Further response from PMM: Rick, the attached image took me all of 10 min to draw up and would take me about 30 min to mach9ine one plate for this project. Rather then modify an existing product I would rather make a new one for the application. What sort of interest is there for it? Would the guys on the board be interested in a Group buy? If so I would naturally need the proper dimension of the holes and would ask you to provide me with either those measurement's with a tolerance up to .000" positions, or a the but stock to measure here on my end. I can also do a Printed 3D model of a test fit forst before making a real part to assumer it will fit. what do you think? Attachments area Preview attachment BINELLI ADAPTOR.jpg
  10. I am in touch via email with the owner of Parker Mountain Machine re providing an adapter specifically for the M4. PMM is a few miles from where I live and I can provide a C-stock for measurements, fitting, etc. So far, an expression of interest on the part of PMM but nothing definite. Stay tuned.
  11. Noveske may be too large to give this further attention. Perhaps you could partner with one of the smaller manufacturers of machined firearm accessories. Like those that make rails etc for the M4. Or a company like Parker Mountain Machine (http://www.parkermountainmachine.com/) or Sampson or Shooting Sight. These guys seem to be entrepreneurs and may be willing to underwrite the development cost of a proper mounting plate for the Limbsaver. BTW, I have purchased several PMM SCAR accessories and been pleased.
  12. Wondering if it would be cost effective to do the plate on CNC type equipment? Would be some programming and setup costs, but maybe would work for, say, 100 pieces. Maybe Noveske could/would do it for you by adapting their current design? Fairly simple part. You could test the market by getting advance commitments.
  13. Now that the efficacy of the Limbsaver is proven, it's time to offer a kit consisting of a Limbsaver pad drilled as necessary, a mounting plate customized to the M4 (not Noveske) and necessary hardware. Goal would be a "tool free" DIY installation (except for a screwdriver)! Got my credit card ready!
  14. Hmmm ... I think I will stay with the slip-on Limbsaver until your "5 minute" kit becomes available! Thanks for your usual thoroughness and attention to detail.
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