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  1. Have you called Benelli Customer Service? They were helpful to me when I needed parts for my Nova Tactical. Good luck!
  2. Aftermarket support is pretty lacking for the Nova. Mesa Tactical makes sidesaddles for the Nova but you'll have to drill and tap the top of the receiver to use one of theirs. Tac-Star is the only other option that I'm familiar with. That one replaces the cross pins that go through the receiver with bolts. The Tac-Star screws onto those bolts. It's solid, but be sure to use Loc-Tite on the threads if you go that route. Also, the Tac-Star only holds four rounds. As for the fore-end, I'm afraid you'll have to drill and tap it to add a vertical grip. I'm pretty sure MGW and Brownells sell replacement, OEM fore-ends for pretty cheap so you can replace yours if it gets messed up during the modification process. Good luck!
  3. Well, the Benelli Oversized Safety does not fit into the trigger guard of the Nova. It's a little too short. Hope this information is helpful to someone in the future.
  4. I have the Benelli Oversize Safety on the way. If I'm successful installing it, I'll be sure to post my experience.
  5. $7.00 per round? Man, I thought quality 308 ammo was expensive. I would also have concerns trying to justify my ammo selection to a jury in the very unfortunate case I had to use these rounds for HD/SD. That said, they look like they're well engineered and manufactured. Interesting design. YMMV, of course.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. It turn out that you were right. The trigger groups assemblies are not interchangeable between the Nova and Supernova. I spoke with someone at Benelli today and he confirmed that the SN trigger group is wider and the pins are in different spots. Guess I'll keep looking for a reasonably priced trigger group assembly for the Nova.
  7. Not yet. I've been having some feeding issues with my Nova Tactical. It was sent back to Benelli in November, they had it for five weeks and sent it back to me un-repaired. After talking to the customer service rep, I was told I could send it back again and they would have someone else look at it, or they offered to send me some of the parts that they thought might be causing the problems and I could fix it myself. I'm still waiting for some of the parts to show up. On top of the feeding issues, I also told them about plastic shavings that have been falling out of the trigger group assembly. They didn't do anything to address that complaint when they had it and they told me that that part is too expensive for them to send to me. So, I'm hoping to get an ejector spring tomorrow and I'm searching for a good deal on a trigger group assembly. FWIW, everyone I spoke with at Benelli has been very pleasant to deal with and they helped me deal with issues I had with the local UPS hub when I tried shipping the gun back to them. I'm glad your barrel/sight fix worked out for you and it really looks nice. If I ever get mine working properly, I'll probably steal your idea!
  8. Looking at the diagrams, it appears that the part of the trigger group assembly that fits inside the receiver is the same. The only difference I can see is the shape of the trigger guard, which will be sticking out the bottom of the receiver. The loading port, shell lifter and the housing look the same to me. I don't have access to measurements, though. I know that the sides of the Supernova's receiver are thicker than the Nova's. I just need to determine if the trigger group for the SN is wider to accommodate the wider receiver. I'll call Benelli on Monday.
  9. Does anyone know of the trigger group assembly for the Nova and Supernova are interchangeable? I'm looking to replace that part on my Nova Tactical and have found a good deal on a complete trigger group assembly. The one I found is for a Supernova, though. They look the same to me except for the shape of the trigger guard. Can anyone confirm if they are interchangeable?
  10. The bolded part is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks. That's an awesome pair of shotguns, too!
  11. Anyone with experience with the Benelli oversized safety?
  12. Has anyone here used the Benelli oversized safety on a Nova? I've seen a few mentions of the Taran Tactical and Dave's Metal Works units on the M4, but no Benelli factory oversized safety reviews. Is is a worthwhile upgrade for the $30.00? It would be used on my HD shotgun. Thanks!
  13. Couldn't a cantilever be brazed on to a Carlson barrel? Your factory barrel would still be unaltered and you could keep your scope mounted to the cantilever that's attached to the Carlson. I've seen those barrels for $150.00-$200.00. Maybe ADCO could fit and align the rail for you. As for an "out of the box" cantilevered Nova barrel, I fear you'll never find one. If you want one bad enough, I think you're going to have to go custom. Good luck!
  14. The Superformance slugs look like sabots so I'll probable stay away from them. I might check out the American Whitetail Rifled Slugs, though. Thanks for the link!
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