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  1. I'm looking for a replacement tube for my buddies M4. Benelli and Compcarrier? are more than he wants to pay. I saw a place called Dave Metal Works. They have one in Chrome Molly for $75. Anyone know about these? Thanks
  2. Some how I knew that my sanity would come into play. All I am looking for though is the collapsible stock, I already have the weapon. I see them for around $500ish but as much as $900ish. Either seems a lot for just a stock, but I understand both their quality and their rarity at this moment. Have contacted heckler&kochp2000 here and am awaiting a response.
  3. OK thanks everyone. Now to find one that isn't grossly overpriced. I had a line on one but it has fallen through. Anyone have one or know of one....at a reasonable price for a sane man? 37thguy at ameritech dot net
  4. So Im adding 2 Italian made pieces, and removing 1 US made piece. Is that correct? So now I need one more US made part?
  5. Thanks do you have a link for HK. I am watching GB. Also, my 707 will have the grooves for the stock?
  6. Hey all, new to this forum but not guns. I just purchased a Benelli M4 11707 and want to purchase the collapsing stock. Does the M4 come with the buffer tube to accept the stock and does it have the grooves for the adjustments? Dont have mine in hand yet, hence the questions. Thanks for any help. -Mark Anyone know where to find one, model #70085, I believe.
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