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  1. Well it did not show up so called Benelli and they said it was shipped by UPS and gave me the tracking number. Result was that it could not be delivered because of "wrong or incomplete address." UPS was going to send it back to Benelli. Lucky I called. Had UPS hold it and I went to their site and picked it up. Fitting finish to the 5 1/2 month exchange.
  2. Update. Will be out for delivery tomorrow. Whoopee!!!
  3. You might think twice before sending it in. They said 4 were in transit but they may be spoken far or reserved. They have no way to track or know when they will get them. Good luck.
  4. Nope a cheap Hatsan Escort Magnum. $400 from Academy. Already have two 870 Wingmasters. Just wanted a cheap semi for my son to shoot during the 4 to 6 weeks Benelli said the swap would take. Hey the Escort looks well made and shoots fine and costs less than the Benelli stock.
  5. See my post down the page. There is a spacer on some brands that sits between the fore end and the receiver. Not so on the Legacy. Read my story. It chipped or cracked where the receiver touches the fore end the first time it was shot. The stock and fore end have been at Benelli for 5 months.
  6. Update 2. They did call back and have removed 3 fore ends and sent to gun smith for matching. Said if they get a match it will ship on Thursday.
  7. Update. They had promised to email or call me with status on June 24. They did neither. Called back today. They said they now had no fore ends and no complete stocks but more are on the way. No idea when they would get here. They forwarded me to someone named Randy who is in charge of repair. He never came to the phone. Original person said he was in warehouse and was trying to find a complete gun to pull the wood. He absolutely positively will call me by COB today. I have in-laws in Switzerland that also have a place in Italy. I asked if they could go directly to Benelli and was to
  8. Said they received a single digit number of fore ends. Won't say exactly how many and if they can't match, they would replace whole stock. Also, said they would email me with status. In the past they have offered to call with status but never have.
  9. I called my gun dealer where I bought the Legacy. It is Ray's in Dallas and they are great. They contacted their rep and were told it would be at least another month. So 5 or 6 months. It would have been nice if they had told me to keep the gun until they had a fore end but I guess that was to much to ask. Of course no telling if this is even correct.
  10. I bought a Benelli Legacy new as a Christmas gift for my son. The first shot caused the forearm to crack where it butts up against the receiver. Called Benelli and they said to send the stock and forearm in so they could match them. They received them on Feb. 4. Over 2 months ago I called and was told that the parts were in transit. I called last week and were told they were holding in customs but they would try and pull some from guns in stock. Also they were going to call me back. No call. Just called and they said still in transit and don't have a way to status, don't know how they
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