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  1. Nobody did say outright that it was a scam. I just found this thread while researching and he was a very nice guy when I met him so I figured I would let people know. I happened to live close enough to go see it in person and the majority of people who read this can't do that. Did I need this? No. Did I want it? Yes. I know I could have built a look-alike for cheaper. I know I could have got the new LE only one. Sometimes people just want something specific.
  2. Didn't say it was a good price, just that it's not a scam. With shipping and transfer fees added it's definatly a steep price.
  3. I found this thread when I was researching a purchase for a 11711. I joined this forum to reply that this is not a scam. I bought one of these guns from him last week and he showed me that he has more unopened in the box. I was skeptical too but figured he was only an hour away from me so I went to check it out.
  4. I lubed the crap out of mine and it cycled low brass Winchester #8 shot right out of the box. I mean oil dripping out lubed. I think think you should try a couple types of ammo though before you blame it on the gun. Leave the action locked back for a couple days too. If none of that works then maybe you can have your spring tested.
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