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  1. Guess what showed up un-announced sticking out of my mailbox today that's by a busy country road out in the woods. Yep, that's right, got me a ti tuber. Happy as an end result, but now how it when down. If you guys order one, you might try and ask about shipping if you might have issues with delivery.
  2. My question would be, do you get a email stating that it's been shipped? I ordered my around the 4th of July, got a email 10/15 stating: "Your order is nearing shipment. This notice is to inform you that your order is either nearing completion, or complete, and a shipping label has been generated, and expected to be placed with shipper during the upcoming week. Carriercomp ships via USPS Priority mail, insured, w/delivery confirmation. Please direct any inquiries to our company email for prompt response, as we refrain from fielding phone calls in order to invest more man hours towards production. Thank you for shopping with us." I'm in no hurry or anything. But I would like to know if it was mailed or not. I live out in the woods and mail can get spotty sometimes. I email him early morning last Friday, but no prompt reply. I don't want to bug the man, I figure is in the process of being completed. Any thoughts on this from someone who has ordered from him?
  3. More info at youtube from Silenerco shells 2 3/4" to 3", shot shells and slugs. Yes it will reduce recoil youtube.com/watch?v=Gxd5y_0aI4E
  4. btb601

    Hi All, Newbie Here

    Thanks for the input. I was thinking on the smaller dot myself. Everything mention is true. Better resale, move to a handgun. And you would have to be blind not to see the dot at night when turned up. Now to pony up the dollars and get it done. I bought some Remington Express 12G 2-3/4" 00 Buckshot 9 pellets Case of 250 and paid 149.50. I should have bought two. Now I need to clean the weapon before I take it out. I think it was last week when I seen the titanium tube being offered at Carriercomp. I had to think about it and do some research to what was all involved for 922r compliance. So next day, it was off his site. Why is this tube favored over one at Freedoms? From what I have seen so far, thicker tube with a longer wait time for it. And I get bumped off here and have to sign in again.......a lot. I looked in settings and did not see anything. Any way to stay logged in longer?
  5. Just picked up an M4 last week. I tried to stay away by buying a Rem 870, then a Moss 930. I guess I have some gifts for my sons. Want to ask a question on the Trijicon RMRs. I've decided to go this route with the shorter riser and have read that the larger MOA dot is better. Specially when it's 2 am and you don't have your glasses on you sleepy eyes to counter a intruder. But the thing is, I want to shoot slugs now and then and I want to be able to see the target. I'm thinking the 3 MOA. But I really doubt that I will be able to see that with no glasses on, then again, who knows. Any feed back on this? Thanks I'm sure I'll have more questions. Undecided if I'm going to do any upgrades. I believe I'll know more when I get some shooting time with it.
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