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  1. Ultra light often causes several surprise accidental discharges from recoil of the first shot. "Seriously I was only trying to shoot once, not 3 times."
  2. Not necessarily. There may be more knowledge here than you realize Much difference depends on the intended use. Are you trying to build a combat ready weapon, a 3 gun ready weapon, a match quality weapon, an accurate range toy, a backwoods plinker, a ranch coyote controller, etc.?
  3. I don't know what price range you are looking at but my favorite have been from Geissele. One of these may fit the bill: http://geissele.com/triggers.html?weapon_platform=36
  4. I'll still take it if you don't want it
  5. My M4 and every single one that I saw in the Marine Corps had a black plastic follower with a removable red center plastic indicator. I transferred the red indicator to the black follower that came with the CC mag tube I bought many years ago. IIRC, some of the Euro M4s have a red alum follower though. If you don't want that follower, I will take it off of your hands for ya.
  6. Ha ha. The case of that centurion shell is almost as short as the head. It doesn't even reach the the ball detent.
  7. I have a QR six shell side from asgard's predecessor and a T2 on my M4. No complaints.
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