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  1. A muzzle brake on the M4, is it legal in California? What about the one with the teeth on the end? Thanks guys. Hope you dont mind me reviving an old thread
  2. Thanks for all the points of thought. I will definitely keep these pointers in mind as I look around for the ear protection. Thanks
  3. So I was debating between buying earplugs or ear muffs. Through a little research, on YouTube and Ebay I found that I should be looking for the highest NRR. The highest I found were by a company called Titus which produces an ear muff of 37 NRR. Anybody have any opinions about earplugs/earmuffs/ noise reduction ratings or the Titus company? Thanks.
  4. New to this forum. buying a benelli M4. I've done some reading and watching. Id like to purchase a tube extender that holds more than 7 rounds. Im also adding a muzzle brake. If any of you know what company or where I can purchase such an extender id appreciate it, thanks. Will post pictures once its done
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