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  1. Hi! The M4 light mount looks great. I have a clamp for the Benelli Supernova if anyone is looking. http://www.ce-tactical.com
  2. Hi guys. My name is Darrick. I am out of work and trying to create my own circumstance. I am a huge fan of Benelli and I am following my passion by taking my manufacturing skills and creating products that I have not been able to find. I couldn't find a mag extension clamp with the picatinny rail underneath. It was important to me to have the rail underneath so I didn't have to remove my light when I put it in my safe or in its case. The side mount lights keep my case from closing and take up a slot in my safe if not removed and as a manufacturer, I have developed an appreciation for cemetery. I have also developed a rifle sling (single or double point) that works with any sling mounts and has a Velcro wrap around feature. It works great with the sling mount on the butt stock and removes quickly without using buckles. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks. http://www.ce-tactical.com
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