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  1. Agreed, I spent several years working in high tech metallurgy, cryo treatment is a major benefit. I'm also not convinced that heavy "bull barrels" have any real world benefit. A well engineered thin wall barrel can achieve stable heat-up on the first round. 3D computational thermodynamics make it possible to design for scenarios that were unthinkable just 20 year ago. I know this is sacrilege but Italian engineers deal in reality while Colt sells us tradition. I'm a biker so for me its Ducati v HD. One wins races, while the other needs an F150 to carry it home.
  2. Just found this thread and wow - thanks. I have about 150 rounds through my R1 and have cleaned it twice but never thought to pull the piston assembly apart. So I just did and sure enough it was starting to gunk up and worse - there was residue from cleaning fluid inside the piston assembly. Lesson learned for future cleaning sessions. Thanks OP!!
  3. Just put another 100 rounds through it. I tried slow (ie a couple of minutes between shots) and shooting about every second and saw no evidence of stringing as the barrel heated up. Its a delight to shoot and far more accurate than I expected.
  4. I spent yesterday afternoon setting up my 30-06 R1 with a Leupold 3-9 x40 scope and sighting it in. I shot 2 boxed of Fiocchi 168 grain boat tail. I used the first box getting used to the rifle and the next 10 sighting in at 50yds. Then I put 7 rounds through the same hole in the center of the bullseye!!! Zero malfunctions and much better accuracy than expected. I am also very impressed with the trigger. After reading all the complaints about the trigger action - I must say that I really don't understand them. I love this thing! The RSO at my range had never seen an R1 before and was amazed at its accuracy. Off to the 100 and 200yd ranges to fine tune it.
  5. OK I'm an idiot newbie - ignore my post. As you all know the bolt release operates conventionally when a loaded magazine is inserted.
  6. Sorry for the newbie question but that looks identical to the gas system on the R1 I just purchased. How different was the previous version and when was the current version introduced.
  7. I just purchased an R1 in 30-06. Overall I am really pleased with it and knocked out with the level of fit, function and finish. I have a question about the bolt release. Is it meant to be a two handed operation - i.e. pull slightly on the bolt lever while depressing the bolt release? Or should it be possible to release the bold just by pulling down on the bolt release? One additional point - how can I determine the year of manufacture?
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