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  1. Thank you for your help. I shined a light in there and sure enough the spring was blocking the screw because the button was still engaged. When I pulled back on the C-Stock, it locked into place, the button disengaged, and the spring was out of the way. Such as simple solution, but sometimes it takes someone else to point you in the right direction. Many thanks.
  2. Yup, I have the USA flag edition M1014. With the screw halfway screwed in, I cannot depress the button all the way, nor can remove the stock from the shotgun. Because its only halfway screwed in, I cannot reattach my cheek rest. I can screw the screw flush when the stock is at a 45 degree angle. But when the stock is in alignment with the receiver, I can only screw it in halfway. Is there a post on how to removed the button and spring for my type of stock?
  3. Any tips on how to screw that 2 mm screw all the way back in. I took out the screw on mine to see if I can move it to the middle position and then fix it in place with the screw. Unfortunately, I cannot move the stock, there is only one position, ugghh! So I'm in the process of trying to screw that screw all the way in, but it wont budge, I feel like I'm gonna strip it out.
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