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  1. Like new Benelli factory 7 round tube for the M4 shotgun (spring not included). $125 shipped via paypal. Thanks for looking.
  2. Stock photos, New in box. $80 shipped USPS priority, payment by paypal.
  3. Mine too! Unfortunately my other parts for 922r compliance required a signature and I missed delivery so I had to wait over the weekend to pick my package up to install the parts to make it legal to install the stock! Looks good getting everything together!
  4. it's a total necro post but for those who find themselves with this problem now or in the future -- it has nothing to do with the bolt release, this occurs if the pistol grip is installed canted and it needs to be straightened out so the trigger group can fit in it properly.
  5. Would like to mount a weaponlight on my new M4 and trying to get to 922r compliance to run a c-stock, figured the rail system would knock out two birds with one stone. If you've got one you're willing to part with or have a lead on one let me know. Thanks!
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