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  1. Glad I found my Legacy when I did. I see that Benelli no longer lists the Legacy model. The Legacy Sport is available, but not the Legacy.
  2. Johnbe


    My Legacy works the same. It took some getting used to. I've been used to Browning auto-loaders which are quite simplified in operation, but it hasn't taken long to get used to the Benelli system.
  3. I'm a Browning guy too. Just load the magazine and rack the bolt or press the release button if the bolt's open. No big deal, and I'm used to the Benelli. Just an extra step.
  4. My new Legacy is my first Benelli shotgun. I was a bit surprised that the loading operation involved a cartridge drop lever. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time, but at this point, it feels like an extra operation I need to learn that was not needed on other auto-loaders I've owned.
  5. I was told by a local gun dealer who contacted Benelli that the Legacy model will be discontinued. I had to look long and hard to find one, but finally did. Does anyone know anything about why the Legacy will no longer be made?
  6. I thought perhaps it was intentional. I just couldn't believe that a high-end company like Benelli would allow such a fit, either designed or manufactured. I have over 20 long guns in my safe, both rifles and shotguns of various vintages. This is the only one with such a high degree of misfit. Other than that, it's a wonderful gun. I didn't pay a fortune for it, so I'll just, as you say, "chalk it up..." and enjoy it. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The fit I'm talking about is not a gap. It is a mismatch between the circumferences of the end of the receiver and the end of the stock. The pic I've attached shows the drop shim in place between the stock and the receiver, but it's apparent the periphery (circumference) of the stock doesn't match the receiver. The stock is larger. I thought there might be a reason for that other than a design issue.
  8. The fit between the stock and receiver is flush on most of my rifles and shotguns. The exception to this is my Benelli Legacy shotgun. The stock periphery is larger than the periphery of the receiver. At first, I thought this might be a design or manufacturing discrepancy, but I'm thinking that it might have been designed to be that way intentionally. Does anyone have any comments or explanation for this condition?
  9. I was told by a dealer that the Legacy model is being discontinued. I recently purchased one, but it was hard to find.
  10. Thanks! Good to know it is the way it's supposed to be.
  11. I recently purchased a new Benelli Legacy 20 gauge shotgun. The owners manual refers to an Interchangeable Rib. The rib on my shotgun appears to be part of the barrel, with no "rib fixing screw" that I could find. Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks!
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