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  1. Plus they have these new theaters with large Lazyboy-type reclining chairs and they serve real food and alcoholic beverages. The main advantage is you are farther away from the people around you but still close enough to your honey-bunny for a sterling evening.
  2. Ok thanks guys. I don't get out much.
  3. Somebody trained Keanu - looks pretty proficient - reloads several times.
  4. Thanks! I was lucky to get it from you as a "used" mount - very little use was evident. QD system was acquired from Mesa Tactical - appears to be very robust but until I run a tactical shotgun class I won't really know. i haven't see StrangerDanger's method. So you don't have to look back at the first post here are the current additions: * KZ oversized charging handle * DMW oversized safety * DMW Speed Bar * Taran Tactical stainless lifter * Taran Tactical mag tube follower * Scalarworks BOR * Trijicon RMR * Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock with Limbsa
  5. Well here it is almost complete. After 5 1/2 months I just got the CarrierComp titanium 5 round tube but I haven't installed it yet - it's beautiful by the way. Still waiting for shortened stock - gunsmith had many projects ahead of it - but the Urbino will do for now. Need to get her to the range. I'll post more photos once I install the carrier Comp tube and get the shortened stock. Thanks for looking. John
  6. Well I got the notification yesterday - I can build the M4 SBS - took 5 1/2 months!! I've almost lost interest -almost. Got to get it engraved and get the barrel. Everything else is ready to go. I'll post photos when it's done.
  7. Love my M4 but hefted a 1301 at gun show - man was it light! $850. Didn't buy it. Any additional thoughts on the 1301 - it's been over 2 years since the last post? They are going used for $800.
  8. Bought an Aimpoint Micro T2 to put on the M4 - didn't like it - and so then got the Trijicon RMR and I like it a lot. Aimpoint is now on one of the ARs and I like it on that rifle. Don't know why there should be a difference?
  9. Some photos of the project thus far - BOR/RMR and KZ oversized charging handle [/img]
  10. I like the pistol grip but we'll see how the standard turns out. Why would you go for the standard over the pistol grip? I have the Vickers 221 padded sling with the RED swivel. I like the 2-point to 1-point option. It fits into a Mesa tactical push button sling mount for the Urbino stock at the rear of the receiver and an AVA tactical light bracket push button mount at the front. I'll have to check out the Noveske adapter plate for the standard stock. Thanks!
  11. Thank you Mr. Danger. No collapsible stock for me - I tend to hurt my face with one. I have the shorter Urbino pistol grip. However, I am having a standard stock shortened to Urbino stock LOP by a gunsmith just to try it out. I see Mr. Ohbejuan has added a Geissele hammer - I've been considering one. The KZ bolt handle is just a scaled-up stock style and seems to be working ok.
  12. Mike, Could you post a photo of what that looks like please? Never seen a longer M4.
  13. So I decided to make my 18.5 inch m4 into a 14-inch M4 earlier this year. Why? I'm not sure. I don't need an SBS but for some reason I really want one. So the first thing I did was to send in my application to the government - it's been 3 months and I'm still waiting for the tax stamp. Apparently, it could take another 2 months or so. Excruciating! In the meantime I wanted to buy a few aftermarket parts that would make the shotgun better than it already is. The short barrel will be the last thing I buy once it's legal to do so. I figured maybe three or four additional items would do i
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