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  1. I have the urbino stock from mesa tactical on my m4 along with the 6 shell aluminum shell holder. Works nice with the limbsaver. I highly recommend it based on its length, structure, and increased maneuverability.
  2. The oversized safety is from X rail. Not gg&g. Both great companies anyways
  3. Yeah I have shot it and I have yet to experience any issues. When it comes to field stripping the pistons must be cleaned as it collects a lot of residue.
  4. So I have been building this gun for a couple months now and the progress has been absolutely stunning to say the least. I started off with a oversized gg&g tactical release pad and and an oversized gg&g bolt lever for an increase in grip and overall feeling. I then went to mesa tactical and had ordered a t3 aluminum surshell shell holder with a built in rail system for my Burris fast fire 3 red dot system. I didn't stop with mesa tactical. I went to them again and I not only purchased the unbelievable urbino stock that is 2 inches shorter than the benelli factory stock and it also incorporates a 5 level cheek riser (this stock also comes with the limbsaver pad) but I also had ordered another sure t3 aluminum shell mount that specifically adheres to the urbino stock. I then went into my trigger system and installed a over sized safety switch from gg&g (I think) This safety switch is vastly different and I give it 10 out of 10 stars. Lastly I found out about AVA tactical who is listed in these forums. I bought their mod 1 mount and an armytek doberman pro xhp35 to pair up with that. This mount is well designed and very durable. This light does it all with 5 modes including a strobe option and a moonlight option along with turbo 1 and 2 modes that will give your car headlights a push for their money. I'd gladly go in more depth about my build but I do not want to bore you. Ask questions, give recommendactions, or just take a look at how awesome this turned out.
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