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  1. I am trying to remove the extractor from the bolt head on my SBE3 but I can't for the life of me get the pin out. I don't want to hammer it too hard. I can't find any videos online. What am I doing wrong? Does it only come out from one direction? The part looks like a standard roll pin. Thanks.
  2. I know but they're just going to tell me what they tell everybody, send the gun in and we'll take a look at it. I'd rather not be without my shotgun for several weeks. Any idea why this happened?
  3. I have a Super Black Eagle 3 and it's been functioning fine but I noticed that the bolt head hit the top of the upper receiver. Also it appears as if my cam pin is developing a flat spot from hitting the bolt carrier. Is this okay?
  4. I just ordered an IC choke for my Benelli M4 since it came with a M and it will be used mostly for home defense. I know they are made by Trulock but I figured what the **** and I ordered from Benelli since the stock M shoots so well. The choke that came with the gun is black and the IC choke I received is chrome. Also there are no identifying notches on the new IC choke. Did Benelli switch designs? Is there a difference between the chrome and the black? Why no ID notches?
  5. If you click on the image of the mount you want twice it allows you to order (the outline around the image changes from black to amber and allows you to order).
  6. JosERW

    SBE3 Questions

    Thank you for putting my mind at ease!
  7. Also love the locking lugs. Will those screws have stops on them so you now when they are seating properly?
  8. I see the bundles are in stock but not the mounts by themselves?
  9. I don't want to start a new thread, does anybody know of any gunsmiths that can shorten my OEM M4 stock and add a buttpad? I know there are plans to do it yourself but I am not confident in my abilities and I don't want to ruin my OEM stock.
  10. JosERW

    SBE3 Questions

    Just picked up a new SBE3 and while reassembling for cleaning and lubrication I noticed that unlike my SBE2, the SBE3's trigger assembly needed a little force to *snap* into place in the receiver. The rear of the trigger housing makes an audible click when pushed into the receiver and it has to be held in place in order to slide the trigger pin into place. Is this normal? I should note there is no binding or anything with trigger in place, its just a tight fit. Also in the manual it says that the "C" shims provide a 65mm drop but when searching on Midwest Gun Works the "C" shim is
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