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  1. VATom

    New R1

    Mine is a 30-06, it likes Hornady 165gr SST, 51.0gr H414, 3.210" COL, light crimp, 2,600 fps. With a cool barrel it will shoots less than 1" 3 shot groups @ 100 yards.
  2. VATom

    New R1

    I too bought a R1 this year, i reload and it took many trips to the range before I finally found a recipe that it liked. It varied from 4" groups to less than 1" at 100 yards. Keep trying.....
  3. VATom

    New R1 Owner

    Can anyone tell me more about the history of this gun, is it still imported into the US?
  4. VATom

    New R1 Owner

    Thanks for the reply
  5. VATom

    New R1 Owner

    Appears that I stumbled upon a ghost town........
  6. VATom

    New R1 Owner

    I just purchased a slightly used R1 in 30-06 with the camo stock, the gun shoots and functions great. Can anyone tell me about maintaining the gas operating system?
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