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  1. Nice sow! Sub moa? Stock up!!! I love barnes vortx ammo - it's actually my go to in most of my rifles if I can make it work. I plan on using the LRX for an elk hunt in my new weatherby 6.5-300 WBY next month and am hoping for good results with that load/bullet. Interesting to see your R1 likes them- mine hated trophy copper but I never bought a box of Barnes-- maybe I should dust off the R1 300wsm and try!
  2. Awesome review, makes me want one for hunting elk in grizz country.
  3. Hey planetcat, I have had similar issues with my 300wsm. It did not like copper bullets (at all) and only gets mediocre groups with premium non-monolithic factory ammo. What kinda groups u getting with SSTs? Nice sow!
  4. Got a message from the ouija board to check this forum after a year and low and behold ... big bore R1 antics are afoot Keep us posted! Very interested to hear how that shoots!
  5. Thunder90

    New R1

    1.5” w Fusion 165 W/ 300wsm. I’ll take it.
  6. Thunder90

    New R1

    sub MOA...impressive. Sounds like you found a great load. If I don’t find a factory load that is decent (be happy w 1.5 MOA for hunting) then I’ll likely make the plunge into rolling my own.
  7. Thunder90

    New R1

    Glad to hear you and the fam fared reasonably well considering. Tough year for a lot of folks - makes you appreciate what you have. Irma had a similar effect here. Lots of my hunting spots are still underwater. Hope you guys get back to normal soon and you can get out in the deer woods w/ the R1. I may try and get out for an evening deer hunt today...
  8. Thunder90

    New R1

    Hey PC.. you make out ok with the fires out there? Looking rough from what I can see in the media. Hope all’s well...
  9. Thunder90

    New R1

    Congrats on the R1 and finding the right load. I’ve always said I wouldn’t go down the rabbit hole of reloading. Well, I just bought a basic set up last week... So I have to ask. What’s your R1 chambered in and what recipe you using?
  10. Thunder90

    New R1

    Hey PC - sry you couldn't recover your boar, but you did the right thing taking that shot. Never trust a chard drinker. Ever. I just arrowed a decent hog last night and got lucky - didn't take another step. May get out to the range today to play with the R1...
  11. Thunder90

    New R1

    I’ve been busy bowhunting - haven’t had much time lately. I did pick up some heavier loads to try though. Hope to try them soon.
  12. Thunder90

    New R1

    Very similar! Your hogs prefer Pinot Noir and mine like bourbon. Both don't like 30 cal magnums. Terrain here is either swampy with thick oak hammocks and palmettos or dense pine stands. Flat, hot, dense and humid. Been hunting with a very handy 300BLK SBR this winter and done well w/ the right loads, but with more and more bear also on cam, I'd prefer some more KE. I carry a Glock 20 w/ a KKM barrel and 200gr hardcast Underwoods in a chest rig - especially when bowhunting early season. My R1 is also long in tooth. It was born in 2007 and apparently sat on the Gander shelf for 10 years before I came along and adopted it. It has the new gas block assembly, full comfortech furniture and, yes, the crio treatment.. Good to know it can handle the heat and I don't have to wait so long between strings... I'll have to check the weight of my trigger. 4lbs sounds lighter than mine.
  13. Thunder90

    New R1

    Interesting. Where did you have it done and by whom? I picked mine up thinking it would make a good all around hog rifle. I hunt NE Florida woods chock full of boars with attitude. 10mm comes with me as a backup, but a shorter barrel on the primary would be nice. First, I need to get it to group. Midway has a Federal sale today - may pick up some 165 Fusion and 185 Partitions or Bondeds to see if she likes the heavier bullets. How is your trigger? Mine seems to live up to the brick reputation I've read about. Is what it is for an auto-loader.
  14. Thunder90

    New R1

    Ran a 1/2 box of Fusion 150s today and it was maybe a bit better. I had a couple 3MOA groups at the end. But the nasty 4MOA groups are still gross. Round count = 30. Will have to try some heavier pills. Have a box of Trophy Copper 180, but want to save those until this thing is properly broken in. Thanks for the tip. How long is your winmag barrel? 24?
  15. Thunder90

    New R1

    well, finished the first box of 20 Power Points 150 in WSM today. Groups really opened up at 100. After first 5 rounds, I cleaned after each 3 shot group and was getting about 4 MOA. Not thrilled with that, but understand it needs more ammo and I'll try different loads. Trying not to be discouraged.
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