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  1. This is somwhat overlapping my last post but is there a slug barrel for these two?
  2. I have a Sport II and a new Ethos. The Sport was a "CA" Code which i guess is a 2006 transition gun - late 2006 uses new chokes and before that the old chokes. At any rate, the chokes between the Sport II and Ethos are interchangable and the barells seem to be interchangable too. The magazine caps are not because of different diameters in the housing/foregrip for those caps. Am I wrong here? Also, I'd kind of like a slug barrel for these because while I can shoot slugs from both of these there is not a great slug sight -- just the normal shotgun bead. Any suggestions here?
  3. Chucke

    Stuck lifter

    I only got a Benelli a few months ago but I think that the gun can't be loaded with additonal shells once it is "locked and loaded" After you lock a shell in place that's it until you take it out with an EMPTY gun try removing any shell, pull the slide back let it drop without a shell in place and see if the loading gate will open to allow loading. I think you have to load the magazine tube first then slide one in the chamber for the plus one if you need it
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice. I did think i was going to pre-drill a hole just slightly smaller than the screw but big enough so it's not so tight it splits the wood (OMG that would suck). I was planning to put some epoxy in the hole to lube the threads and also seal the wood once it dries. Let me know if anyone thinks that is a big mistake.
  5. I want to put a sling on a Sport II. I found an after-market magazine end-cap that has a swivel and a screw-in swivel that goes in the butt-end. This is a wood stock Sport II and it looks like the stud-swivel is about 3/8 inch long. If I screw this into the stock about 2 or 3 inches up from the butt is that going to hit anything that might be hidden inside the butt? I think some of the composite stocks have some kind of recoil dampening stuff inside the stock but I havn't found anything about the wood stock having anything like that hidden inside. Does anyone know if I can screw this stud into the wood butt without hitting anything?
  6. I'll say this, I just got a Sport 2 also and the procedure from removing the magazine plug is very different than from the Super Black Eagle -- it has a plastic plug that you have to remove a lock-spring to get the thing out of the tube. The Sport you just unscrew the cap and take the "silver nail" out of the threaded tube you just unscrewed the cap from. Very different and at first mystifying that there is no spring-thing to remove first to access the magazine tube.
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