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  1. I see a picture of a Surefire forend but don't see a price; how much are you asking for it? Thx,
  2. Good comments... I'm thinking of using the forward M-Lok slots for light/laser/QD mount, the rearward one(s) for pressure switch(es) and the one underneath for an angled grip. Will have to see how the placement works out once I get one... Totally agree on the set screw interface 🙂. I was toying with the idea of using nylon-tipped set screws instead of the ones supplied to see if they might work better until I saw the offering from Mesa Tactical. I've been waiting forever and a day for the AVA Tactical light mount and I've just given up at this point...
  3. This looks much more interesting as an option to mount lights, etc. than the existing options and evidently no set screws are necessary to secure it in place like the Hayl Rail... 8" and 11" models will be available. I went ahead and placed a pre-order for an 11"... https://mesatactical.com/products/truckee-forend-for-the-benelli-m4.html
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