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  1. I was not impressed with progressive comfort either - though it was not too bad but since I needed Pitch and LOP alterations I took it to my local gunsmith and had him do that and space it correctly for my usual 1"+ Kick Eez. I can shoot 150+ rounds in a day.
  2. I have a 12ga 828 U o/u that came with the same stock and "progressive comfort" recoil system. I was not impressed with the performance of recoil system and took it to my gunsmith and had the the pitch angle changed to my "standard" angle and the stock shortened to give me the correct LOP when I added my usual "Kickeez" magnum recoil pad. I could not hit a thing until I changed the pitch and the Kickeez is, at least to me, noticeably superior to the "Progressive comfort". I do not think you can alter the lop of the existing stock and keep the "Progressive comfort" but they/Benelli have one
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