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  1. Would love to have that forend on the M4.
  2. Price drops: Mesa - $55 shipped Sling/mount - $20 shipped
  3. Benelli M4 GG&G sling plate and sling, mash hook style, unknown make on sling but it is very high quality, extremely sturdy and strong stitching. Happy to take additional pics or provide additional details. PP $30 or MO shipped in US. Mesa Tactical 6 round side saddle, complete with all mounting hardware for Benelli M4, excellent condition with a mark or two from safe storage, PP or MO $75 shipped in US. TAKE IT ALL FOR $90 shipped!
  4. Quick follow up to my original post. I sent my receiver to SD and he had it repaired literally within a matter of hours of receiving it and boxed and shipped back to me the next day. The communication, workmanship and customer service were all beyond superb. SD obviously takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows. He is a wealth of knowledge on the M4 platform and we are lucky to have him as a forum member. Thanks again SD for everything!
  5. Thanks Chile1, not sure my nerves would stand up to 30 minutes with a heat gun on a shotgun this expensive! I plan on sending it to StrangerDanger. Thanks y'all!
  6. I just picked up a Benelli M4 that has the factory collapsible stock that only functions in the fully open position. I purchased the correct/complete 3 position factory tube assembly and am all set to install it (and all the appropriate 922 compliant parts as well) but I'm having a heck of a time getting the factory nut on the receiver extension tube to come off. I doesn't want to budge. I researched this forum and found that it is set with green/red locktite, looks to be out of the scope of the tools I have on hand to get it off. Are there any shops/forum members that offer this as a se
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