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  1. Just get an A&S housing and be done with it. That’s what I had to do with mine as the polymer factory one was just too tight.
  2. I think you have an issue someplace around your hammer spring cap. I might be wrong though bc I thought that pushed up on the hammer engaging it where it is supposed to be. Anyway a group swap is easy especially with Stranger here. Look at this tutorial and see if it nudges your either way.
  3. Oh and if you aren’t measuring with a good set of calipers get some. Murphy will send you directions on how to measure.
  4. Try Murphy precision. If he doesn’t have a matching base he can fab one for you. I had to have him make me a one piece 20 MOA base for my Dakota target rifle bc Talley only made a 2 piece.
  5. No just surprising but they did hurt. I sent some feedback to IWC so maybe if they produce a Gen2 it will be different. I don't know how prevalent an issue it is as IWC had never heard of anyone else having that problem. Its a common forend grip for a lot of clay and wing shooters though.
  6. After using the IWC mount this weekend I realized it was very easy for a shooter who points his index finger forward on the forearm while firing (like a lot of hunters and clay shooters do) to jam their finger against the sling cup. I have a pretty long reach so I don't know how common an issue it is but if I had my preference I would simply place a single QD cup on the bottom where the logo is. That way its still in an ambi position and its out of the way of either finger. I must have jammed my finger 4 or 5 times while moving fast. I hate to alter my technique just to accommodate one gun.
  7. So after reading this I decided to grab the gun out of my case and give it a good look. I noticed my IWC light mount was loose (not surprisingly bc I didn't loctite it down). I have a bad habit of dry fitting things and moving on without locking them down properly. I took the gun apart and fixed the loose IWC screws with lock tight. I then took a look at my FFT magazine tube. Low and behold it was loose. I could unscrew it by hand without any force. I broke out the blue lock tight again and really torqued it down with a little drop or 2 of lock tight. I doubt its moving now. I did notice the cap teeth are cut super shallow though. They are almost decorative really as they only engage on the outside edge of the cap. Anyway I think its fixed. Had a good day in class with the gun but we weren't using slings and I am not doing that again with the Benelli. I found myself reaching for my Beretta 1301 more often just bc of the weight standing on the line.
  8. I am concerned that I somehow didn’t install the new 7rd magazine tube correctly. I can’t see how having it screwed in too much or not enough would cause the loose cap though. It seems like it’s on tight enough so I can’t imagine it’s unscrewing itself from the cap??? It’s such a simple thing I can’t figure how it doesn’t stay tight with the detents
  9. Anyone have a fix? I just took a class today and my M4 cap kept loosening up despite my tightening it down hard. Am I missing a trick?
  10. I decided to go Scout 300 on my M4 and 600 Pro on my Beretta 1301. Light options on that gun literally suck. I figured out a solution using a Magpul cantilever Mount with a Nordic clamp but it’s like a bandaid on a major wound. The Pro should help things a bit.
  11. Sigfla

    M4 SideSaddle?

    Try SKD and see if they have any ESS cards in stock
  12. Yes buy with confidence. I purchase a lot from them after I bought a thermal unit from a guy that works there. I currently have a couple of backorders there now.
  13. MRO is better but it’s not really a micro sight. Two different animals. I went Holosun 570 and love it. Ideally I want as big a lens that’s rugged enough I can get. I don’t think the SRO is in any way weak either. Imho a pistol slide likely puts more stress on these things than a heavy long gun.
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