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  1. Dont bother with the Benelli 7 round spring. In my case, It was the same length as the benelli 5 round spring and even has the same "Coil" count. The longer "appearing" one in the picture is the 5 round one. Its not really longer, it just appears that way. They both have 48 "coils" and measure about 26 inches roughly. Both feed for now without any issue. I would pick up the carrier comp spring. Its cheaper and should take last much longer. https://imgur.com/a/qa7LEv3
  2. Hi there, New to the Forum, I recently picked up a used benelli C stock from a seller. After getting it in hand, I realized that there really are no logos or anything to indicate who manafactured it. It has a limbsaver installed on it. The finish does look pretty good to me. Is there a was to tell a Promag from a Benlli C stock? Ty images: https://imgur.com/a/7iUdjEx
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