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  1. His behavior was unprofessional, but then again, its not like he is a professional seller. Someone mentioned its a garage based small business. The items he sells are niche and hard to come by. He can get away with being rude and obnoxious. Sorry for your experience. I don't understand people defending his behavior though. Apparently even he realizes his responses were not professional but some folks here are trying to blame OP for the sellers poor communication as if OP brought it on himself.
  2. Dont bother with the Benelli 7 round spring. In my case, It was the same length as the benelli 5 round spring and even has the same "Coil" count. The longer "appearing" one in the picture is the 5 round one. Its not really longer, it just appears that way. They both have 48 "coils" and measure about 26 inches roughly. Both feed for now without any issue. I would pick up the carrier comp spring. Its cheaper and should take last much longer. https://imgur.com/a/qa7LEv3
  3. Hi there, New to the Forum, I recently picked up a used benelli C stock from a seller. After getting it in hand, I realized that there really are no logos or anything to indicate who manafactured it. It has a limbsaver installed on it. The finish does look pretty good to me. Is there a was to tell a Promag from a Benlli C stock? Ty images: https://imgur.com/a/7iUdjEx
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