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  1. I should of listened to the little voice in my head that said don't buy em thanks a lot for ur knowledge Evo, I appreciate it greatly. I always use brass instead of steel with my ar15 because like you I agree with the old adage u get what you pay for. I guess from now on i will only use quality shells in my benelli. Btw u really know your stuff because these shells are rated exactly what u said. Lol thanx again!
  2. I just got back from my second time at the range with my benelli m4. I bought reduced recoil rounds by fiocchi because they were cheaper and I really wanted to put the weapon through its paces. For starters I had trouble fitting in 5 shells in the mag tube and on top of that after the second shot the bolt wouldn't advance all the way for number 3 and when I pulled the trigger it just clicked. I quickly left and once I got home I noticed mag tube cap was alike loose and so was the forgrip. I righted very thing up and loaded federal 00 buck and the seemed to fit like normal. is reduced recoil not meant for a semi shotgun or what? Can someone plz tell me if they hav had an issue like this. Thanks much everyone is awesome and helpful.
  3. Can someone help me? I purchased a benelli m4 h20 with my cc today. I didn't take possession of the firearm yet but was wondering why mine didn't come with a pistol grip. It only came with a traditional butt stock. Does this mean that my shotgun is not a benelli m4 tactical ? Plz help me someone? Should I cancel order or ask the store to get me a pistol grip?
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