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  1. I don't see the pic on this thread - can you provide a link or the pic?
  2. Just want to verify - have you actually pulled Velcro off the side of Benelli M4s? After how much time applied? and if the gun got wet is that a good time to pull it?
  3. I’d call that “Setting up a Benelli M4 to cost more than your home.”
  4. Yeah, I'm guessing choke made a big difference in this part (albeit probably the difference between 0-1 pellets and 4). And point (2) precluded some very special-cased tool by claiming it has to be handy with what's basically the full gamut of 12 gauge ammo. . . Thanks for the info.
  5. Wasn't trying to be dense - first part of the question was preamble, to qualify what I'm after. I've got the Modified, and I've got the cylinder, and have yet to set up extensive tests of this and that ammo. I did the searches on Benelli/Modified/etc.; but it doesn't go to the heart of it. I gather slugs can work through anything and everything needs to be tested gun by gun. . . What I couldn't find, if it exists, is some "The military tried Cylinder and Modified, took Modified because X and Y with ammo Z in ambush situations" etc. Also interested in any insight, like 'Modified improves 00 but causes flyers', or 'modified was found to work *better* with this type of slug across all guns'. Interested in any insights or generalities discovered along the way that may influence what I should try to leave on the gun. It's also general interest, given that I have to examine my own role (or recreational use cases).
  6. BenelliParts.net guy is excellent to deal with. Seems I got lucky with the timing on the high/low prices on that collapsible stock. Wish I bought a second for the 14"/entry/NFA I may or may not ever buy. . . . It's cringey the cost of this part, and the 922R stuff you need to also buy to put it on. . . not even sure it's especially practical for the $; but hot *dang* is it cool to have it on the gun. . ..
  7. Did the military version have chokes? If not, is their 18” modified? i just screwed in a cylinder choke for a class where I tested truflite 8pellet 00 for the first time - admittedly didn’t try with modified. What are rationales behind modified on a fighting gun?
  8. I kinda went hogwild after the weekend and ordered samples of all of them. Interested in some of the others also just to get 4-shell variants. Instructor recommended Vang-Comp and Ess-tac. Guess I'll be doing a heavy comparison of my own of those, and the SOE.
  9. May pay to rehash the pros/cons of another hammer (other than stock or the other 922R/american piece) - i.e. why people like the G, and what yours would bring. I think a lot of the community knows (but I don't) ; but seeing this thread, and the summary together could help posterity. . .
  10. Mine is ordered so I haven't seen it; but from the above, and the advice of an instructor who I think ran it - the $80 mounting plate is Remington; but the $20 shell-holding part is straight Velcro. I believe you buy 2" 4' velcro strips off of Amazon to stick to the gun, and you velcro the Vang $20 part on.
  11. Do you mean these https://vangcomp.com/product/vcs-detachable-side-ammunition-extra-carrier/#prettyPhoto I.e. the $20 Vang Comp part without the backing plate/$80 kit? Are these just velcro-compatible like the rest?
  12. I'm 6'2. . . the gun's wearing a co-witnessing RMR on scalarworks. Cheek weld at same position as fully extended, at intermediate, you can't see the sights. I realize intermediate has utility when you have armor than makes your chest thicker. I was at a class recently where the instructor went to a more isoceles stance, and was lauding shorter LOP guns. I found replicating this, with the stock at intermediate, I could cowitness keeping my head more upright/back than all the way forward on the stock. Thoughts on this or intermediate stock position? Would this be something for smaller people to try out? Or is it truly just for armor?
  13. I have that RMR mount so the rail solutions are no-go. Anyone have any idea on the long-term use of velcro sidesaddle systems? What's the current consensus on the best sidesaddle, and best velcro backing? I'm concerned about rust under the velcro, and also in pulling off any of the parkerizing finish. . . .
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