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  1. When I bought my Benelli M3, it came with a one-piece saddle rail to mount a red dot or scope. When looking up the part number on it, I cant seem to find anything. It is marked Redfield RSM-9. It reminds me of the Aimtech ones that are still on the market. Are these mounts any good? Or not really? Anybody use these?
  2. Just recently picked up this Benelli M3. It's a '92 model, with the HK import marks. I came across it at my local Cabelas. Someone had it transferred to this location, but never bought it, so it was sitting in the case. From what I understand, some of Tom's collection went to RIA to be sold off to the public back in late '13 / early '14. I have paperwork showing this shotgun being sold through here, with matching serial numbers. I've been a huge Benelli fan for years, and have always lusted for an M3. Between its history, and the cool-ness of the shotgun itself, I had to have it. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet / see Tom perform in person 😪 Anyways, heres the shotgun. Thought you guys would appreciate seeing this.
  3. Thanks Jolly Roger. I may end up going this route, though I'd buy a factory replacement stock to do it to in case I mess up. Also, I'd like to keep all the stock parts separate so I can put it back to the way I got it. I was also looking at the Urbino stock from Mesa Tactical, but I'd rather try to stick with the straight, field style stock than the pistol grip.
  4. Thanks for the reply truckcop. I was hoping that since the supernova Colapsible stock fit the M3, that the supernova comfortech stock would work too. Wishful thinking I guess on my part.
  5. Just recently picked up an M3 used, HK marked with the 7-shot mag tube and rifle sights. The standard stock is long for my taste (I'm not a big guy), so I'm trying to figure out my options. Obviously one route is the Supernova Colapsible stock, but that's a rather pricey conversion. I've read you can get a pretty short LOP with a comfortech stock and a small / short recoil pad. Can I get a comfortech stock for my M3? Another option would be to find a used, wood M1 stock, cut it down and mount my own pad. However, I dont really have the tools / experience to do this kind of mod. Any help would be much appreciated.
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