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  1. I've been waiting 7 weeks now on a carrier comp carrier tube and have tried to find out where I am on the list but their customer support is very slow on replying to emails. Does anyone know if the steel tube from FFT along with their spring and follower are comparable? I know it's a tad more expensive but I don't mind paying a few extra dollars.
  2. Thanks, I ordered a 6 shell from Special Operations Equipment.
  3. Thanks, will look to ordering one!
  4. I like that idea. Where did you buy yours from and what is the purpose of the tab towards the front of it, the small loop?
  5. I read some reviews on this holder stating that it scratched the finish on the shotgun and that it was stiff removing shells from it. What is your opinion on it? Trying to decide between this or the soft type that attaches to the stock.
  6. Just curious as to why you want to go to a non pistol grip?
  7. Just removed my magazine today and thanks to Strange Danger, all went well. I used the MAPP method and it only took about 5 minutes of heating it near the screw in portion, twisting, heating and more twisting. Once it started to turn, it came off easy. All cleaned out and now waiting for my new tube from Carriercomp to arrive. Am also waiting for my match grade trigger from Briley to arrive.
  8. stepbill

    Carbon fiber M4

    It almost looks like he had the parts dipped in a carbon fiber wrap, like they can do with motorcycle parts.
  9. stepbill

    Bolt release

    Thanks Vertigo, just ordered one. They have them listed under Stoeger parts and I assume ?that it will the Benelli M4. Bought the black one, they had 11 listed and one left in red.
  10. stepbill

    Bolt release

    Does anyone know who makes this bolt release?
  11. Thanks, just took mine off and am boxing it now!
  12. Has anyone sent their trigger into Briley for the trigger conversion and how do they like it?
  13. Just bought my Benelli M4 and love it. I've been playing with it some and was wondering if you have to remove the barrel in order to remove the charging handle?
  14. Sigma, do you know where the Briley handguard is made? Does it qualify as one of the three for 922(r)?
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