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  1. The Spare parts list, Table 3 (gas system), shows the Break Action Magazine damper and codes it as Part # 299W. Original .308 barrel. Clean with "Wipe Out". Oil the bolt and rotating head. I've completely dis-assembled the gas system after the issue began to clean the two pieces of the Piston Extension assembly. Use 168 grain cartridges, Barnes and Hornady A-Max. 165 grain Remington Sirocco. Federal 180 grain Trophy bonded. Test fired 15 cartridges last week and the bolt does not remain open after the last cartridge is fired so existing issue not resolved. I purchased the Break Action Magazine damper from the Canadian source for Benelli firearms. Haven't a picture at the moment but shown in part breakdowns on USA web sites.
  2. A drill bit of appropriate size with tap on the cutting edge to protect your fingers, gloves etc.
  3. The break action magazine damper is a piece of rubber (round on one end tapering into a point with a recessed area to allow seating when inserted into the hole at the bottom of the Pin Shoulder Plate ). This item interferes/cushions the Piston prior to contact with the bolt follower pins. I've fired the rifle without this item as it disintegrated. The bolt remains open 10% of the time when all rounds are fired without this item. Just purchased and installed a replacement today. Haven't test fired the rifle yet, rain and mosquitoes. Not certain if replacing this item will successfully keep the bolt open after the last cartridge has been fired. Anyone have experience with this DAMPER?
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