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    NC native, degrees in biology, wildlife and natural resource management and gunsmithing. Worked small shop gunsmithing in Alabama and NC. Currently a BenelliUSA gunsmith since 2000. I work on every make and model under the Benelli and Stoeger importation.
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  1. If the end of the recoil assembly is SS then no, there is no Loctite and it's just a nylon lock screw. If the end is blued then yes, it has Loctite and will have to be heated. If it is dusty red and cankered with rust, good luck, it should have been done a lot sooner.
  2. Just an FYI. All of the Benelli sights are threaded the same. Smallest (SBE, SBE II, M1, M2, M3), medium size (Vinci, S Vinci), largest (Nova, S Nova). Same thread on current Stoegers and Franchi's as well.
  3. Good pictures and stuff but why so overcomplicated on the reassembly? I've done countless Monte's and Legacy's but never anything like that. I can have one off, cleaned and back together in 10 minutes. Witness mark is not a good idea. The mag tube may be loose. Factory setting is that the mag tube be tightened until it stops.
  4. Yes, the thread is the same.
  5. One thing I haven't seen anyone write is about cleaning the bore. Benelli barrels have a tendency to lead up pretty bad and heavy leading will greatly effect accuracy. I have shown many people to use the Hoppes Tornado brush to remove lead, plastic fouling from the bore. Take the barrel off, start from the chamber end and scrub the **** out of it. Use it dry, without solvent. If you use solvent or oil it decreases the friction and won't work as well. No, it won't hurt the bore but it will give you a workout. I have a personal custom made 18" SBE Tactical barrel I made, cut off, no choke, M1/M4 style GR sight set up and use Fed 1oz rifled slugs. Still keeps them in a 6" at 100 but most shots I make with it when I hunt are under 50 yards. BTW, makes a **** of a fireball with 3 1/2" buckshot.
  6. Never seen a bore snake remove compacted lead.
  7. Haven't tried it but probably not. The corners of the Nova are rounded and the corners of the S Nova are squared off.
  8. My personal favorites are the handguns that are firing with the slides locked back. That being said...Tom Sizemore used an M3 in the movie HEAT. Drive in theatre scene. Think I'll go lower my IQ on watching the Raven Mocker Returns.
  9. I would have to think that something is wrong then. I have worked on many of these and never seen a broken locking head pin on an R1. Make sure it is for an R1 as they are different from the shotgun locking head pins. Check the number on the locking head and make sure it corresponds to the one on the barrel. There should be a plastic, forked looking block in the back of the receiver being held in by the trigger assembly that can be seen if you take the barrel off. Without this, the bolt can travel too far rearward and that may be the cause of the breakage. This is all guess work without seeing it but sounds like it could be serious. I'd think about letting Benelli take a look at it.
  10. Do you mean the firing pin retaining pin, the rubber o-ring on it or the locking head pin? Either one would be a rare failure. Being a .308, does it have the short action block installed in the back of the receiver?
  11. OK. Well that amount I would say is normal. It has to be larger than the plastic shims. I have some and that's about the way they look. I guess just chalk it up to the certain tolerances they have to make them to.
  12. Well the Legacy pad is a screw on so that rules that out. However, the side vented, pull out recoil pad of the Monte is interchangeable with any comfort pad as long as it's a 12ga. So yes, an SBEII pad will fit a Monte.
  13. No, there should not be a gap. If the gun is a newer one, there should be 2 plastic shims between the stock and receiver. One drop shim and one cast shim. If this is a replacement stock then you might have gotten the wrong one. Like a 12ga stock on a 20ga receiver. 12's are wider than 20's. Could be an old style stock trying to fit on a newer style gun. Pics would help.
  14. It doesn't matter what shim is in it if you are turkey hunting and shooting straight down the rib. Shims are for flying targets. I doubt if the barrel is not bent that it's shooting 2 feet low. Take the trulgow sights off and sight it with 2 3/4" standard loads. This will take the flinch factor out. Turkey loads pound you and you develop a flinch. Quit using a lead sled for sighting. You wont have it in the woods so it will have no bearing on where you can shoot.There is one thing you can check. The barrel stop ring on the front end of the mag tube or the mag tube itself may be loose or both. In older guns this sometimes gets loose as the Loctite ages and oil seeps in. With the barrel and forend off, try to turn either one. They should not move. If the barrel stop ring is very loose then it could be backed down. Here's what happens. If it is too loose, when you tighten the mag cap, it can bend the barrel down making the gun shoot low. If it is too far forward it can make it shoot high and also keep the barrel from seating to the receiver properly and cause other variously bad problems. Ideally, the stop ring and mag tube should be tight. Install the barrel without the forend on and look at the gap between the back of the barrel hanger on the barrel and the front of the stop ring. There should be only a small light gap or a measured .002" to .004" gap. It might be difficult to understand but the mag tube assembly can be very responsible for point of impact. So, check these things out. Put the "D" shim and plate back in, take the aftermarket sights off, stack the beads (don't line them up one directly behind the other), use a factory full choke (some aftermarket chokes are junk) and try again. If it is an older SBE with the flat rib instead of the raised, step rib it should shoot a 50/50 pattern at 25 yards.
  15. Many Benelli's of similar type have the same manual installed with them. Instead of making 200 different manuals they just make 20 and that covers similar models. The standard 12 and 20ga Legacy has never had a removable rib. Only the 28ga.
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