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  1. Took the M4 out shooting today to test the A&S with my FFT FCG parts. Everything worked flawlessly. All problems solved. I noticed the new trigger guard goes in and out of the gun much more easily than the original plastic one, a nice benefit. The pin that holds the trigger guard in has a more precise fit and that pin requires no force (the factory setup required me to hook the bolt handle under the head of the pin and pull out, as described in the M4 manual).
  2. Thanks for the info. Some of that excess is from assembly which I wiped off. I am in Temecula and go out near Ocotillo Wells often. I do travel through Mojave sometimes. I drilled and tapped my butt stock button. A tool is required to release it.
  3. Assembled my FCG with the new A&S trigger guard that arrived today. Function test perfect out of the box. Cycled dummy rounds several times; all good. I will take her to the desert this weekend for live fire testing. Very pleased with everything so far.
  4. Wow! I am at work and my daughter just sent me a pic of the A&S package at the house. I ordered it Monday with their regular shipping option. I am in California and they are in Minnesota. Fast!
  5. I think it will be ok. I took so little off the hammer it’s hard to tell. At least now I know how to do the function test! If it isn’t working perfectly, I can use the oem hammer since the trigger guard gives me a new 922r point. Then I can try to buy another FFT hammer alone or worst case, buy another set. After your input; Todd’s. and other research plus seeing it with my own eyes, I have learned the shortcomings of that polymer oem trigger guard.
  6. Todd from FFT responded to my email the next day. He had me call him to spare us the back and forth emails. I appreciated the fast response. My lesson learned is don't modify the FFT trigger pack without giving Todd the opportunity to come up with a better solution. He simply can't take back a modified part and I get that. I can tell you that Todd at FFT went out of his way to make sure I knew he valued my business. I will report back here once I have got the FFT/A&S combination up and running. A big shout out to StrangerDanger. You are the M4 FCG man!
  7. Just ordered the A & S trigger guard. Thanks for the tip.
  8. You are right. I just wish FFT made it more clear in their advertising that their trigger kit may not work with our original Benelli trigger frames. I emailed Todd, waiting to hear from him.
  9. So... After reassembly and more dummy round testing, the hammer would only let go from the disconnector half of the time. The other half, tapping on the action (sometimes banging with my palm) would make it release. Frustrated. I took the Freedom Fighter Tactical trigger, hammer and disconnector, along with it's included springs, out of my M4. I reinstalled the Benelli parts. Now the hammer lets go from the disconnector every time. This after dozens of dummy round tests. I need to live fire test it. What a waste of a day! But....I learned a lot. I sure need the 922r parts but they
  10. Wow, thanks for the fast response! Good advice and I shall remember.
  11. So I bought my Benelli M4 roughly a year ago and immediately installed the FFT trigger kit. I don’t remember if I did the (or was aware of) the trigger system check. The gun operated great. Fast forward almost a year: Today I took it shooting for the second time since new. i was using the same 2 3/4 bird shot and experienced the M4 cycling the shells but pulling the trigger only resulted in a slight click, but manually cycling the bolt resulted in a normal fire. Got home and read about the trigger group tests, namely cocking the hammer with the trigger pulled back. With th
  12. Thank you very much J.R.. I am just not good at explaining myself....
  13. Yes that is exactly what mine does. As long as I don't pull the trigger. Once I pull the trigger, I manually rack it once to eject the "fired" dummy round. This chambers a round from the mag. I rack it to eject that round (without firing that dummy round). This chambers another round from the mag. Once I eject that one, they stop feeding from the mag. Is this normal or are they supposed to stop feeding after the first unfired round is ejected? Thanks again
  14. Thanks J.R.! Kind of looking to confirm that the system is supposed to eject two rounds when manually cycling the bolt before the mag stops releasing them onto the lifter. That is what my gun is doing.
  15. Have only had the new M4 out shooting once and it did great; a great shotgun! I have to drive a bit to get to a shooting area so I am not readily able to practice with live fire. In what I have read about cartridge replacement, after firing-manually eject the current chambered round and insert the desired round into the chamber or on top of the lifter and let the bolt go home. (Or release the desired round from the magazine via the cartridge drop lever, etc.) When manually practicing with dummy rounds, I pull the trigger-hammer falls on chambered round. I then simulate the auto
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