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  1. I was wondering if the new piston kit would be an improvement over the old one. I am not too happy about forking over more money after spending over a grand for a rifle that should has had only 160 rds fired and it's all corroded. I think it will function again now that the piston group is cleaned but the piston is pretty pitted so I don't want to take a chance. If you ask me this is a factory flaw and should be repaired at Benelli's expense It failed me while aiming at an elk at 200 yards what if it was a angry wounded Grizzly or Moose someone could get killed. I Emailed them early in th
  2. Billbo

    R1 miss fire

    I know this is an old thread but thank you for the information. My R1 never did until last Wed and did it twice at the only Elk I saw on a 5 day hunting trip. It fired as the Elk were running away and at 450 yards. Yes I took a shot out of frustration and to see if it would even fire which it did too late. I would have never thought to clean the gas piston considering I have less than 60 rds on this without an issue. It really sucks cause In the unit I hunted the Elk are about to be wiped out by the states introduction of wolves so Elk are getting harder to find.
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