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  1. What happen to Geissele M4 Trigger?
  2. Benelle M4 LE 11715 Night Sights and LE 11721 No NS, both have 18.5 barrel , Collapsible stock & 7 round mag tube.
  3. Thanks, I will check in to Medford Knife and find out more about source of NP3 and price my New Benelli M4 LE 11721 that should arrive at my FFL in Greenville, NC on Tuesday.
  4. Benelli M4 LE 11715 - 18.5 Barrel, Night Sights and Benelli M4 LE 11721 - 18.5 Barrel, No NS. Both come with 7 round mag Tube / Sliding stock. Both are same gun, one with Night Sights and one without Night Sights.
  5. I made a offer on Gunbroker.com for Benelli M4 LE 11721 and got it. Should get it on Tuesday at my FFL.
  6. I want to use it for Target practice. Slugs & 00 Buckshot.
  7. Now I will find the Lowest price on a Bennelli M4 LE 11715. Please let me know if I got any information Incorrect. And down the road find a company doing the Robar NP3 or NP3 PLUS Finish again.
  8. From Gunbroker.com dealer ads = The Benelli M4 11715 is a LE Model. It comes out the box factory installed 7+1 round Mag tube and Factory installed Adjustable Sliding 3-postion stock. And Night Sights. Everything out of the Factory box I always want to add to Benelli M4. It is easier to get the 11715 model and not have to buy and Install the Factory sliding stock and 7-round mag tube.
  9. What is the Differences between Between Between LE model and Benelli M4 1171?
  10. What is the Differences between Between Between LE model and Benelli M4 1171?
  11. I meant to type Robor NP3 Finish Benelli M4 H20 model I would like to have to own.
  12. What is the differents between the Benelli LE vs 11715 models? I think the 11715 is the same model that is shipped to the USMC. And 11715 is model I nd looking lowest price. I wish Robar was still open and did the H20 Finish.
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