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  1. More on my above post response. I pulled up the email where I saw the info on Cardinal. Here I quote from the email. "I've had a few hundred requests to start selling parts. My e-commerence isn't up yet nut.... If you send an email with what you;re looking for (part numbers are greatly appreciated} to [email protected] I'll see what I can do with it. With that. please be patient. The only way to pay right now is by check through snail mail until I get the e-commerce up. Thanks again for everyone's patience while we get this thing going." This info came from Cardinal on Oct 15 at 9;26 AM. I contacted them and sent my check for some MP95 parts shortly after that and got them within a week or so. SO, spread the word to all of the Benelli pistol users out there.
  2. All of Larry's parts were bought up by the Cardinal Shooting Center in Ohio. Contact them and you can buy the parts that you need. Henderson (Hendo) two-time National Champion is running their pistol side of the house. Look Cardinal up on Google.
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